How to mount TV brackets on the wall

December 28, 2009
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tv bracket with swivel tilt action

tv bracket with swivel tilt action

LCD and Plasma TVs are rapidly gaining popularity nowadays, due to the fact that they are light in weight and have a sleek, modern look. Alongside the introduction of these TVs, TV wall brackets are also now available; to help users mount their television sets onto the wall.

These wall brackets can generally be categorised into three main types: flat, swivel and tilt TV wall brackets. All of these models can be incredibly useful, but you need to know how to choose the right one for your home and needs, and also how to install them correctly.

Tips to help you choose and install your TV bracket:

First of all, you need to decide which wall you want to install your TV wall bracket onto. You need to choose the centre wall in the room, as this will help you to view the TV from any corner of the room.
With swivel TV brackets and tilt TV wall brackets, you will find an arm-type attachment which will help you to adjust the TV screen to several angles as per your requirements.
Before buying a TV wall bracket, you also need to know about VESA spacing, a size measurement that will be clearly mentioned in the instruction manual.
At the time of installing the TV onto the bracket, you also need to properly attach the TV to the wall bracket using the four holes.

These tips should help you to choose and install your TV bracket, but if you get stuck, it is always recommended that you seek help from a professional.

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A few things you need to know about TV brackets

October 21, 2009
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Small black flat and slim VESA 75/100 LCD TV mount

Small black flat and slim VESA 75/100 LCD TV mount

LCD and plasma television sets have been popular for quite some time. This latest technology offers practically the same services as that of the older technology. However, the size and the weight of these TV sets have decreased considerably. And now the plasma technology is finally available at lower prices that make it affordable for everyone.

LCD technology has been made available at pretty affordable prices in recent years. Apart from the incredible audio and video quality offered by LCD and plasma technology, the dimensions of LCD TVs make them easy to install at any place to get the best TV viewing experience.

These days, special furniture items are especially created to hold the LCD and plasma television sets. These furniture items are the LCD and plasma TV brackets. The LCD TV brackets greatly help to mount the LCD and plasma television sets at a suitable position from where you can get a brilliant TV viewing experience.

TV brackets come in many different sizes, shapes and types. They firmly hold your LCD and plasma TV sets and avoid them from getting damaged. Cantilever TV brackets, tilting TV brackets and swivelling TV brackets are some of the most common types of TV brackets available. So, if you have purchased LCD or plasma television sets and want to enjoy the ultimate cinema experience, mounting your TV sets on TV wall bracket is the best option.

Check certain factors before buying your TV brackets

October 13, 2009
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Quality TV wall bracket available to purchase from

Quality TV wall bracket available to purchase from

Development in technology has made our lives much simpler and well organised. Technology has also changed and so has the size of TVs. The TVs of the past were bulky and heavy, but now they are thin and lightweight. These thin LCD TVs require TV wall brackets to hang them on the wall.

Here are some important things which you must know before buying TV brackets for your LCD TV:

Holding capacity – First of all, you must check the holding capacity of TV brackets because some TV brackets are only capable of carrying certain weights. It is essential for you to know the holding capacity as TV brackets are used to hold expensive LCD TVs. You can check the weight specifications written on the box of the TV and the TV bracket. You must buy the TV bracket that is appropriate for your TV.

Good quality TV brackets – Many people spend lots of money on buying LCD TVs, but they tend to give less importance to TV brackets. They forget that these TV brackets will hold their expensive LCD TVs and if they fail to hold the weight of the LCD TV, then the bracket may collapse and result in damage to the TV set.

VESA spacing – VESA spacing is the distance between the holes that are at the back of the TV set and the TV bracket. The VESA spacing of the television should match with the VESA spacing of TV brackets. The TV brackets should be big enough for all the cables and connections.

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September 13, 2009

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TV wall mounts and tv brackets avalible for major brands; Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, JVC, Pioneer and Panasonic avalible from

See All television brands.

What you will find at
Sony TV wall brackets with other major brands such as Samung tv wall brackets, also avalible are Sharp tv wall brackets. Ceiling TV brackets are also sort after for Sharp LCD Televisions, swivel and tilt toshiba TV brackets can be purchased at online. Philips TV wall brackets are the best option for the ambilight range as the benifits are maximizing the effects of the glowing light effect around the TV to bring your viewing area alive. JVC TV wall brackets are great for those who want more space in the living room, JVC televisions are slim and a flat TV bracket will give you the best look for your home.Panasonic TV brackets are all very different depending on the model, most of the 32″ screen size have a standard VESA 100×200 (mm) fitting for the TV bracket, however some are VESA standard 400×200 (mm) for the 37″ screen size and above the VESA standard is 600×400 (mm), in this case you should use a large tv bracket.
See the range of Pioneer TV wall brackets, purchase online with free delivery to the UK.

The types of wall brackets for the above makes and models of LCD, LED and Plasma television:

See all the LCD, LED and Plasma Television TV wall brackets.

Simple set-up steps to ensure your LCD TV gives you excellent viewing

September 9, 2009
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ÂŁ9 with FREE delivery - TV bracket Wall mount VESA 100 flat

ÂŁ9 with FREE delivery - Wall mount VESA 100 flat

With LCD TV prices becoming more and more affordable, almost everyone today is replacing their old bulky TVs with these sleek elegant units. If you are one of the many who is planning to buy a large screen LCD TV, here are some things you would need to know about setting up your TV to get the best viewing pleasure out of it.

Mounting your new LCD TV
There is only one way to ensure you get the best viewing experience from your LCD TV and that is by mounting it on a wall with the right TV brackets. LCD TVs are best mounted on plain coloured walls so that there are no distractions when watching it.

Placing your LCD TV
So you know you have to use TV brackets to mount your LCD TV on the wall. But where exactly are you going to mount it? To get the perfect balance, LCD TVs should be placed in the middle of the wall and at eye level. This will make watching the LCD TV easy and will also make it the centre of attraction in the room.

What kind of TV brackets should you choose?
There are different types of TV brackets to choose from, depending on the size of the room, where the unit is mounted and your preference. You can choose between TV brackets that allow the unit to be moved or standard ones.

Here is a tilting bracket photo as a guide:

What about a flat bracket with a close fit to the wall? See the photo as a guide:

When installing TV wall brackets, ensure you buy the right size and let a professional person do the job for you. This will guarantee safety of the TV and you can be sure of getting the best television viewing experience.

Mounting your television bracket: tips and tricks

July 31, 2009
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You have bought your television set and have now thoroughly searched to find your TV bracket as well. Now what is of major concern is mounting this bracket.

Firstly, you need to decide where about you are going to mount your television. That is, which is the best point to view the television screen from? The wall from which you wish to suspend the television obviously needs to be plain, empty and at least twice the size of your set. It should have easy access to your cable or satellite TV connection and a fitting for wiring. The colour of the wall should preferably be light and sober – something like white or cream. The television set is best kept at eye level, so make alterations accordingly.

Choose your television bracket after thoroughly considering all points. The size, model, make and dimensions of the TV will decide the bracket type. Besides this, there are colours and styles to match your tastes.

TV wall mounts supplied by are manufactured by UMount, these TV wall mounts are provided with full fitting instructions making it easy for a DIY install, however you may consider using a TV installer.

Consult a professional to mount the bracket to ensure reliability and steadiness. Experts will ensure the safety of your bracket and television set.

Here are some examples of TV wall mounts supplied by

Medium black pull out swing/swivel & tilt bracket,VESA standard 200×100/200×200/200×400 & 400×300 LCD mount. A stylish wall bracket with….[read more]

Large flat and slim tilting VESA 200/300/400/600/700 (fits in between VESA standards also) Plasma & LCD mount.A stylish…….[read more]

Buy the correct TV bracket for your television

June 1, 2009
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When you are looking for a TV bracket for your television, the most important thing to keep in mind is the model of the television you have bought. Even though it is fairly easy to find brackets that comfortably fit most kinds of televisions, a specific TV bracket might suit your television better than others.

One of the best ways to find out about the TV bracket best suited for your television is to call the manufacturer of your television. Television manufacturers usually have a good amount of information on the kind of TV bracket which is best for mounting your television. However, sometimes television companies are known to push their customers towards brands which are more expensive. In this scenario you will then be free to look around for cheaper and more feasible alternatives. It is a good idea to check the VESA spacing of your TV mounting holes against the bracket you are considering buying.

Even after you have bought the television bracket, it is essential to double check the fixing holes. You can realise the importance of double checking by imagining a situation where you have drilled the holes in the wall for the bracket only to find out that it does not suit your television.

Keeping these small things in mind will make sure that you get an excellent TV bracket that fits your television perfectly and also gives you the television viewing experience you deserve.

Some pointers for the correct installation of your TV bracket

March 12, 2009
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TV brackets are very popular; they can be installed in homes, offices or hospitals or any other location of your choice. There are many different types of TV brackets available that vary in shape, size and design to meet all your viewing needs. However, for the best TV viewing experience, it is important to install your TV bracket precisely.

The most important factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a TV bracket is that it must be compatible with your TV and has the same VESA spacing. VESA spacing is the distance of space between the mounting holes, which are on the reverse of your television. It is also equally important for your TV bracket to have sufficient space for your television cabling to pass behind it in an orderly manner.

Correct selection of a TV bracket is required because there is a lot of choice. They are available in tilting, swivelling, cantilever or fixed types. Usually, tilting brackets that can be adjusted to a 15 degree tilt are considered a good choice, especially when you want to mount the television at a higher level.