Use ceiling TV brackets to mount TVs in your office

December 31, 2009
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tv bracket for mounting televisions to th ceiling

tv bracket for mounting televisions to th ceiling

People are constantly busy balancing time between the office and home. Life has become super hectic with increasing work pressures. If you own a business and want to reduce stress at work buying a TV for your work place is a great idea. Your employees can then be entertained during their breaks.

Getting a Playstation to increase your employee’s enjoyment level is a good idea too. You may even notice the productivity of your company improving. And this is only because your employees will appreciate your gesture.

Buying the latest flat screen TV for your workplace is also a good choice. And, you can use TV brackets to mount flat screen TVs in your office. Among the various types of TV brackets available, ceiling TV brackets are the best type for use in an office. Mounting your TV on the ceiling with a TV bracket is a good choice as many people will be able to watch TV at the same time.

Ceiling TV brackets will hang your TV from the ceiling. This way you can ensure the complete protection of your TV. Your TV will not get in the way of people walking past it and hence the chances of any accidental damage reduce. If you want your business to grow, you should keep your employees happy. Get a TV for your office and mount it on a TV bracket.

Some factors to consider when buying TV brackets

December 30, 2009
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Nowadays, you can find various types of TV wall brackets for your LCD or Plasma TVs. Mainly, there are five types of TV brackets:

flat mount

You can opt for any one of these according to your needs, budget, and the style and layout of your home. However, before buying one of them, you need to understand some essential factors that will affect your buying decision.

The weight-carrying capacity of the TV bracket

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a TV bracket. Brackets are specially made in such a way that they can carry a certain amount of weight. This means that different types of TV wall brackets have different weight-carrying capacities, so you need to buy one that can safely and securely support your expensive LCD or Plasma TV.

Screen size

Similarly to the weight-carrying capacity, all TV brackets are made in such a manner that they can only fit certain TV sizes safely. Therefore, make sure that you get a TV bracket appropriate to the size of your TV.

Placement and installation

You should ensure that the wall you are installing your TV bracket on is secure enough to support both the bracket and the TV. Choose one that is free of clutter such as picture frames and light fittings for the most contemporary and stylish look. Also, make sure you install the bracket correctly according to the instruction manual, or enlist the services of a professional to do the job for you.

Swivel TV Bracket For Wall Mounting LCD, Plasma or LED

Swivel TV Bracket For Wall Mounting LCD, Plasma or LED

Creative uses of LCD TV brackets

December 9, 2009
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Large black heavy duty TV ceiling mount

Large black heavy duty TV ceiling mount

Aside from added viewing comfort, a little creativity use of TV brackets can make your LCD TV look great. The brackets used in your house don’t have to detract from your décor as they are available in so many different styles. TV brackets are practical solutions for homes, offices and many other locations.

Schools and universities: The most creative work with the TV brackets is done in the education sector. The TV brackets have helped to make learning accessible and fun. Children can be difficult to handle when it comes to protecting expensive gadgets like LCD TVs. The TV brackets have made video presentations neater and safer.

Hospitals: TV brackets are of great use in hospitals. In the wards where patients are lying down, swivel TV brackets with 360? rotating arms come in very handy. These brackets make TV viewing comfortable for patients. TVs used to be kept on items of furniture which was impractical for those using them.

Factory: Ceiling and swivel tv brackets have improved surveillance techniques in factories. This has helped in the prevention of many potential accidents and the location of problems in unmanned areas.

TV brackets are improving every day, assisting people across a wide range of sectors.

How to choose a TV bracket for your expensive LCD TV

November 25, 2009
Tilting LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket For 23-40 - Black - 1002 14R

Tilting LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket For 23"-40" - Black - 1002 14R

If you have recently purchased an expensive LCD TV then the next step is to buy a TV wall bracket to mount it on. Placing the TV on a table will make the room look cluttered, whilst also limiting the range of viewing angles you will have. They are available in various types such as tilt, ceiling, and swivel TV brackets.

If you have decided to buy a TV bracket for your LCD television then you need to consider the following points to ensure you get the right one:

Appropriate size – TV wall brackets for LCD and Plasma sets come in many different sizes, so you need to buy a TV bracket to match the size of your TV.
Type of wall – The wall on which you are going to mount your LCD TV needs to be strong enough to handle its weight. Choose one that is clear of clutter and adjacent to your sofa or chair.
Maneuverability – You should choose the TV bracket which gives you the most freedom when it comes to maneuvering your TV. With tilting and swiveling feature, you can adjust the angle of your TV screen to suit your requirements.
Cost – After spending a large amount of money on your LCD TV, do not try to save few pounds when buying a wall bracket. Get a strong and good quality TV bracket which will firmly secure your TV to the wall.

TV brackets are ideal for the best viewing experience

October 25, 2009

LCD and plasma television sets are undoubtedly the most exciting innovations in the electronic community. As many people now opt for LCD and plasma TVs, it has now become necessary to consider mounting them correctly and TV brackets are best suited for this task. While TV sets are getting better and bigger, they are in need of proper support to ensure that they stay firmly fixed to their chosen position.

TV Bracket For Medium Size LCD, LED & Plasma Television

TV Bracket For Medium Size LCD, LED & Plasma Television

Television sets come in an extensive range of design styles, colours, models and different features. But as the modern slim TV sets have become more affordable, more and more people are buying them and seeing the need for TV brackets. In fact, a lot of people choose to buy TV brackets at the same time as buying the television.

TV brackets are all about getting the best TV experience from the newest LCD and plasma TV screens. There is a huge diversity of TV brackets available, with an excess of different designs and price tags. Thus, deciding the appropriate TV bracket for your television set can be quite confusing. When purchasing a TV bracket for your television set you need to make sure whether the particular type of TV bracket is appropriate for your TV set or not.

Many different types of TV brackets are now available and each of them has its own different functions. Cantilever TV brackets, ceiling TV brackets, wall mount TV brackets, swivelling TV brackets etc are some type of TV brackets that you can opt for. However, before purchasing one, make sure that it perfectly accommodates your television screen for an improved television viewing experience.

Mounting a TV bracket, opt for professional installation

October 21, 2009
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After the introduction of the LCD TV in the consumer market, its popularity has greatly increased. Today, as many people opt for LCD TVs, it is important to mount them appropriately using LCD TV brackets. However, before purchasing an LCD TV bracket for your television set, it is very important to initially decide upon the type of TV bracket that is appropriate for your television set.

TV brackets come in many different types, sizes and shapes. Different types of TV brackets are intended for different television sets and so, it is important to select the one that is right for your TV set. Although LCD TVs are sleek, slim and lighter than the traditional projection TVs, you must ensure that they are mounted securely. If your television set is not mounted securely and appropriately, there are chances that may fall and get damaged. LCD TV Wall Mount TV Bracket LCD TV Wall Mount TV Bracket

If you are planning to mount your LCD television on the ceiling or on the wall, you need to invest in a good quality TV bracket to make sure that your TV set stays where it is supposed to be. If you neglect the LCD mounting advice, there are possibilities where your television may not be supported correctly or sufficiently. While many people opt for DIY, it is actually advised to opt for professional installation of TV brackets as professionals have a complete knowledge, expertise and the required tools for completing the installation work in the best possible manner.

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September 13, 2009

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TV wall mounts and tv brackets avalible for major brands; Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, JVC, Pioneer and Panasonic avalible from

See All television brands.

What you will find at
Sony TV wall brackets with other major brands such as Samung tv wall brackets, also avalible are Sharp tv wall brackets. Ceiling TV brackets are also sort after for Sharp LCD Televisions, swivel and tilt toshiba TV brackets can be purchased at online. Philips TV wall brackets are the best option for the ambilight range as the benifits are maximizing the effects of the glowing light effect around the TV to bring your viewing area alive. JVC TV wall brackets are great for those who want more space in the living room, JVC televisions are slim and a flat TV bracket will give you the best look for your home.Panasonic TV brackets are all very different depending on the model, most of the 32″ screen size have a standard VESA 100×200 (mm) fitting for the TV bracket, however some are VESA standard 400×200 (mm) for the 37″ screen size and above the VESA standard is 600×400 (mm), in this case you should use a large tv bracket.
See the range of Pioneer TV wall brackets, purchase online with free delivery to the UK.

The types of wall brackets for the above makes and models of LCD, LED and Plasma television:

See all the LCD, LED and Plasma Television TV wall brackets.

The benefits of using different types of TV wall brackets

September 5, 2009
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TV brackets are what hold your LCD TV or plasma TV close to the wall. With TV brackets you can get the best possible view of your TV.

LCD TVs need to be supported by brackets as this saves a lot of floor space and avoids clutter. LCD TVs can be quite expensive and if they end up suffering damage, it may end up being a huge loss for you. This is the reason why it is necessary that you select a strong bracket that offers you the best possible support.

Tilt and swivel tv wall bracket example:
An LCD TV bracket allows you to change the position of your TV, so that you get the best possible view from every position. There are different types of TV brackets available that suit different needs and purposes. Each of them has their own advantages. The different types TV brackets are flush TV wall brackets, tilting TV wall brackets, swivel and tilt TV wall brackets, cantilever arm TV wall brackets and ceiling TV wall brackets. Flush TV wall brackets are the simplest of all.

Here is an photo of a celing hanging bracket:

Tilting TV wall brackets give people limited flexibility. Swivel and tilt TV wall brackets are ideal for small LCD TVs and can be adjusted to any possible position. Cantilever TV wall brackets can support all sizes of TVs. Ceiling TV wall brackets hold the TV to the ceiling.

TV wall brackets are the need of the hour

August 31, 2009
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The television is one of the best sources of entertainment. In the past, televisions were huge. In recent times, the TV has become thinner with LCD TVs entering the market. The old televisions were kept on the table because they were heavy. LCD TVs are light in weight and are slim.

This allows the use of wall brackets to make the TV appear neat and appealing. TV wall brackets complement the modern television very well and if there is lack of space then a TV bracket is the right option. As the TV does not take much space in your room, it looks very attractive.

An LCD TV looks more attractive on the wall. Wall brackets are available in various sizes and shapes and protect your television from damage by keeping it out of harm’s way. It is advisable to use professional help for the installation of the bracket. Always put the TV bracket in a part of the room where it is easily visible.

How about a ceiling tv bracket for an option for mounting your TV?

The TV bracket gives you the ultimate viewing experience and as they are made of strong material it will protect your television too. There are many brands and online stores which will help you get the right TV bracket for your television.

A few advantages of using TV brackets

August 24, 2009
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LCD TVs have ousted the old CRT screen TV due to a number of reasons. Firstly, LCD TVs offer great picture quality for their size, which helps people to have a theatre like experience when watching TV at home. Another important factor about LCD TVs is that these are slim and can be wall mounted. Thus, they take up very little room space.

Example: Swivel/Tilt TV wall bracket:

LCD TVs also look stylish and pronounce the modern décor in a better way. While the old CRT screen TVs required a large cabinet or huge, strong table to be placed upon, LCD TVs require simple and sleek TV brackets for mounting them to the wall. Moreover, TV brackets themselves offer numerous added advantages apart from holding the LCD TV in position.

Example 2 Ceiling TV mounting bracket:

TV brackets look beautiful and are available in a range of colours. You can easily pick up a TV bracket that would easily blend in with the décor of your room. Different types of TV brackets perform different functions and offer varying degrees of flexibility.

Depending on the type of TV bracket you have chosen you can tilt or slide the TV screen or swivel the TV screen in opposite directions so that the TV is visible from the opposite ends of the room. Some TV brackets allow 360 degree swivelling of the TV screen. Thus, great viewing flexibility is offered by the TV brackets.

Finally, TV brackets place the TV screen at a convenient height which is easier on people’s eyes.

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