A brief comparison of flat mount TV brackets and tilting mount TV brackets

January 15, 2010
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Choosing a TV wall bracket can be a little difficult if you don’t know what to look for. This is because of the overwhelming varieties that are available in the market today. Listed below are a few things that you need to keep in mind when choosing between tilting wall brackets and flat mount brackets.

Flat mounts:

TV Wall Bracket - Flat Mount

TV Wall Bracket - Flat Mount

• Flat mount wall brackets are very economical. They are the cheapest type of brackets you will find in the market.

• They have the limitation of no movement. You can use these brackets to simply fix your TV on the wall. You cannot swivel or tilt your TV to suit your viewing angle.

• These types of brackets are easy to fix. You can fix them with the minimal amount of hassle and only a handful of tools.

• They are not visible from the front of your TV set so provide a great TV viewing experience.

Tilting mounts:

TV Wall Bracket - Tilt Mount

TV Wall Bracket - Tilt Mount

• The uniqueness of tilting mounts lies in the option of movement that they give you. You can choose a tilting mount wall bracket when you have a light source near your TV set that causes reflections on the screen.

• They are slightly higher in price compared to flat mount wall brackets.

• These are ideal to use when you want to position your TV at a high level in your room.

Get flat TV wall brackets for your LCD TV

January 2, 2010
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LCD tv wall bracket

LCD tv wall bracket

In today’s world, high definition TVs have taken over the entire TV market. All over the world, people are buying flat screen HDTVs to enjoy the best TV viewing experience.

If you buy a flat screen LCD TV, then you should also buy a suitable TV wall bracket. LCD TVs are meant to be mounted on the wall with TV brackets. Without TV brackets, you will not be able to enjoy the best your TV has to offer. Moreover, your room will look more modern and artistic if you mount your TV on the wall.

There are various types of TV brackets available. In order to make your choice easy, you should determine the place where you will position your TV. On the basis of this position, you can select the perfect TV bracket.

One of the best places to mount your LCD TV is at eye level. If you have decided to place your LCD TV at eye level, then you should get a flat TV wall bracket. Mounting your LCD TV on this type of TV bracket will make your home look aesthetically pleasing. And, with the help of TV brackets, hiding all your cables becomes fairly easy.

By placing your LCD TV at eye level and with the help of a flat TV wall bracket your TV will look just like a painting hung on the wall.

Helping you wall mount your flat screen TV

August 24, 2009
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These days, it is almost customary to hang the flat screen TV like a photo frame on the wall. When installed in this way the TV looks stylish, modern and occupies no floor space, thus the room appears more spacious and chic. TV brackets are used for wall mounting the flat screen TVs. Discussed below are few important points to help you select the right TV bracket and install it properly.

Choose the TV bracket according to the shape and size of the TV
Flat screen TVs come in a variety of shapes and sizes which also vary in weight. If you choose a TV bracket which is not strong enough to hold the weight of the TV, this can easily give rise to the risk of accidents, causing damage to the TV and could even potentially cause harm to family members. Thus, while selecting the TV bracket make sure that the TV bracket is suitable for the size and weight of the TV.

An Example Of A Selection of TV wall mounts:

Swivel / Tilt wall mount:

Flat TV wall mount bracket:

Tilting wall mounting bracket

Selecting the right type of TV bracket
TV brackets are available in a variety of styles and offer different advantages. TV brackets help in providing flexibility to the TV viewing. Some TV brackets offer limited flexibility while others let people watch TV from either end of a room. The price of the TV bracket also depends on the number of features it offers. So, a TV bracket must always be chosen according to your specific requirements.

Installing the TV bracket
It is sometimes better to get the TV bracket installed by trained professionals for a secure fitting of the TV, especially if you are unsure of what you are doing. However, they are straightforward to install yourselves if you are technically apt at DIY.

TV brackets- Must for every flat screen TV

August 17, 2009
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Flat screen TVs are so popular not only because they offer superior picture quality but also because they look stylish and occupy very little space. A flat screen TV can be hung easily like a photo frame from the wall rather than cluttering up your living room.

When a stylish flat screen TV is kept on a desk or cabinet its beauty it can make the room look untidy. In order to flaunt the gracious look that flat screen TVs possess it is essential to mount them to the wall using a good quality TV bracket.

TV brackets are available in a number of designs and capacities. It is important to choose a TV bracket that is suitable for holding the weight of the flat screen TV. TV brackets are categorised according to the shapes and sizes of the TVs and it is very easy to find the TV bracket which is a perfect match for your specific TV.

Apart from mounting the TV to the wall and holding it in position, TV brackets also help in allowing a degree of flexibility when watching TV. Different TV brackets allow various degrees of flexibility that allow the TV screen to be watched from different parts of the room.

Get rid of old fashioned TV units with new age flat screen TVs

July 5, 2009
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Get rid of old fashioned TV units with new age flat screen TVs

It wasn’t that long ago that television manufacturers made TVs that were heavy, oversized and bulky. Usually these TVs were placed on a table top or corner unit and families would gather round right in front of the unit to watch it every night. However, today’s TV units are completely different and not only look good, but function better too.

Enhancing the viewing experience for everyone:

TV manufacturers are making TVs that are slimmer, sleeker, lighter and flatter. LCD and plasma TVs have become extremely popular because of the excellent viewing experience they provide, not to mention their affordability. But these TVs cannot be simply placed on a corner unit or table. There is a better way of mounting the new flat screen TVs and it is on TV brackets.

Why use TV brackets to mount flat screen TVs?

LCD and plasma TVs are more delicate than regular TVs and for this reason, they are mounted on TV brackets. Mounting these TVs on brackets also enhances the viewing experience and brings out the main feature of the TV – their flatness. Watching a flat screen TV when it is fixed onto a wall is aesthetically pleasing. And TV brackets even help save a considerable amount of space in homes.

There are different sizes and types of TV brackets that you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences. TV brackets enhance your viewing experience and give you years of trouble free performance.

The right way to mount a flat screen TV

March 28, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by John

A common yet important discussion that people have when they buy a flat screen TV is where they should put the unit and how. Without a doubt, these TVs are meant to be mounted on walls but which wall and how? This can be difficult to answer and can be a huge waste if you are not correct if you do not have a little advice about it.

Mounting a flat panel TV on the wall

Flat panel TVs can be mounted with any of the different TV brackets available. Depending on the size of your TV, your preferences and where you want the TV to be mounted, you can choose the prefect TV bracket to suit your needs. TV brackets are the best way to mount a flat panel TV as it gives the TV and the room an appealing and desirable appearance.

Selecting a mounting place

Once you know that your flat screen TV has to be mounted on a wall with the help of TV brackets, finding an appropriate wall is necessary. An ideal wall would either be a plain, soft coloured wall or one with soothing colour patterns. This kind of a wall creates a pleasant background while watching TV and will not draw your attention to it.

TV brackets can be selected from a wide range that will provide you with different functions. There are standard TV brackets that fix your TV flat against the wall you mount it on and there are those that can be tilted, turned from side to side and pulled away and pushed back towards the wall, depending on your needs.

Go ahead and mount your flat panel TV on the wall without fear

February 18, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

The latest electronic appliances being introduced to the world are slowly but surely enticing people, with their excellent features and making the masses want to buy them. Flat panel TVs are one of the most desired appliances these days. Excellent picture quality and slim features are the highlights of these types of TVs. Clubbing a flat panel TV with a home theatre system can provide people with the ultimate entertainment experience.

But a common problem many people face is the placement of a flat panel or LCD TV. The slimness of the TV makes it impossible to lean it against a wall or place it on a cabinet. Fortunately for all those lucky flat panel TV owners, there is a perfect way to place these TVs and that is by using TV brackets. This is the perfect way to mount a TV and it can be done on a wall, which brings out the best feature of the unit.

TV wall brackets are available in various types and they can suit any household requirements. Many people would probably wonder about the strength of TV brackets, but they need not worry because these brackets have been made durable enough to hold the weight of these TVs. It would be important to get a professional to mount the unit, unless you have the knowledge and tools to get it done yourself. Once your flat screen TV is mounted on the wall, you can be sure of years of excellent viewing experience.

Positioning your flat screen TV

January 25, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

The TV is the focal point of a room, hence great consideration must be given in where to place the TV set. This particular dilemma has increased with the advent of flat screen and plasma TVs. TV brackets have made the wall an option for hanging our TV set. So now we use TV wall brackets to hang our plasma or flat screen TV.

Hanging your flat screen television on the wall is a good option as it can look great and saves a lot of space of your living room. TV wall brackets play a vital role in viewing your favourite movies and programmes with ease and comfort. A traditional television needs a stand for the set to sit on, which can be very bulky and occupy quite a large area of the room. This common problem with plasma or LCD units can be solved by using a TV wall bracket. It is important to choose the correct place to hang your plasma or LCD TV using a wall bracket. The place should be selected keeping in mind the viewing position and comfort of the individual. It is advisable to hang your plasma or LCD in the room where you spend most of your time.

Some home areas suggested to hang your flat screen TV are as follows:
• Kids playroom
• Work space and office area
• Bedroom
• Designated exercise space
• Attic or basement
• Bar or entertainment room

After selecting the room your next step will be selecting an appropriate wall to hang your flat screen TV.

Use ceiling TV brackets to mount TVs in your office

December 31, 2009
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tv bracket for mounting televisions to th ceiling

tv bracket for mounting televisions to th ceiling

People are constantly busy balancing time between the office and home. Life has become super hectic with increasing work pressures. If you own a business and want to reduce stress at work buying a TV for your work place is a great idea. Your employees can then be entertained during their breaks.

Getting a Playstation to increase your employee’s enjoyment level is a good idea too. You may even notice the productivity of your company improving. And this is only because your employees will appreciate your gesture.

Buying the latest flat screen TV for your workplace is also a good choice. And, you can use TV brackets to mount flat screen TVs in your office. Among the various types of TV brackets available, ceiling TV brackets are the best type for use in an office. Mounting your TV on the ceiling with a TV bracket is a good choice as many people will be able to watch TV at the same time.

Ceiling TV brackets will hang your TV from the ceiling. This way you can ensure the complete protection of your TV. Your TV will not get in the way of people walking past it and hence the chances of any accidental damage reduce. If you want your business to grow, you should keep your employees happy. Get a TV for your office and mount it on a TV bracket.

Some factors to consider when buying TV brackets

December 30, 2009
Posted in General,TV Bracket Advice — Written by Ian

Nowadays, you can find various types of TV wall brackets for your LCD or Plasma TVs. Mainly, there are five types of TV brackets:

flat mount

You can opt for any one of these according to your needs, budget, and the style and layout of your home. However, before buying one of them, you need to understand some essential factors that will affect your buying decision.

The weight-carrying capacity of the TV bracket

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a TV bracket. Brackets are specially made in such a way that they can carry a certain amount of weight. This means that different types of TV wall brackets have different weight-carrying capacities, so you need to buy one that can safely and securely support your expensive LCD or Plasma TV.

Screen size

Similarly to the weight-carrying capacity, all TV brackets are made in such a manner that they can only fit certain TV sizes safely. Therefore, make sure that you get a TV bracket appropriate to the size of your TV.

Placement and installation

You should ensure that the wall you are installing your TV bracket on is secure enough to support both the bracket and the TV. Choose one that is free of clutter such as picture frames and light fittings for the most contemporary and stylish look. Also, make sure you install the bracket correctly according to the instruction manual, or enlist the services of a professional to do the job for you.

Swivel TV Bracket For Wall Mounting LCD, Plasma or LED

Swivel TV Bracket For Wall Mounting LCD, Plasma or LED

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