Mounting your television bracket: tips and tricks

July 31, 2009
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You have bought your television set and have now thoroughly searched to find your TV bracket as well. Now what is of major concern is mounting this bracket.

Firstly, you need to decide where about you are going to mount your television. That is, which is the best point to view the television screen from? The wall from which you wish to suspend the television obviously needs to be plain, empty and at least twice the size of your set. It should have easy access to your cable or satellite TV connection and a fitting for wiring. The colour of the wall should preferably be light and sober – something like white or cream. The television set is best kept at eye level, so make alterations accordingly.

Choose your television bracket after thoroughly considering all points. The size, model, make and dimensions of the TV will decide the bracket type. Besides this, there are colours and styles to match your tastes.

TV wall mounts supplied by are manufactured by UMount, these TV wall mounts are provided with full fitting instructions making it easy for a DIY install, however you may consider using a TV installer.

Consult a professional to mount the bracket to ensure reliability and steadiness. Experts will ensure the safety of your bracket and television set.

Here are some examples of TV wall mounts supplied by

Medium black pull out swing/swivel & tilt bracket,VESA standard 200×100/200×200/200×400 & 400×300 LCD mount. A stylish wall bracket with….[read more]

Large flat and slim tilting VESA 200/300/400/600/700 (fits in between VESA standards also) Plasma & LCD mount.A stylish…….[read more]

The benefits of a cantilever TV bracket

March 4, 2009
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Positioning your newly purchased LCD television can be quite a task if you do not know where to put it. Putting your LCD television on a side table or a stand can be a little dangerous as there is always a chance of someone accidentally knocking the TV and breaking it. Therefore one should use a TV wall bracket to keep the LCD television safe.

A TV bracket is really a good idea to mount your television because is gives your room more space and adds a whole new dimension to watching television. A really good way of mounting your LCD TV is by using a good quality cantilever TV bracket.

These brackets are mounted on the wall and feature an arm which helps the TV swing out and fold back into the position of your choice. Cantilever TV brackets are extremely useful in rooms which are shaped awkwardly as they allow a lot of flexibility, in terms of where all you can place the TV.

Cantilever TV brackets are available in various sizes, so it is very important that you find out exactly what size is suitable for your television. All these advantages make cantilever TV brackets an excellent choice for your LCD TV mounting needs.

Optimise your television with TV brackets

February 16, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by John

In the past few years, the demand for LCD and plasma televisions has been increasing steadily. Traditional bulky and large TV sets have been replaced with modern, stylish, sleek and slim television sets. The LCD and plasma TV sets are incredibly lightweight and have a slim appearance. Hence, if you have purchased a LCD television it is must to provide it with a sturdy support. For this purpose, TV brackets are well suited and provide a firm grip to your TV sets.

With the help of a TV bracket, you can easily mount your television sets on the wall. If your television set is mounted on the wall it makes the room clutter free and organised. By mounting your TV set on the wall you can save a lot of floor space. One of the most important benefits of mounting television sets on the wall is that they provide the best possible visibility to everyone in the room. A TV bracket also adds character and style to your television set which would otherwise look dull and boring if placed in the cabinet.

A TV bracket consists of an arm like attachment which enables the television set to swing from left to right. This feature provides ease and comfort to viewers while they watch the television. If your television set is mounted on the wall it can give a stylish and urban look to your room. At the same time it also helps to enhance the dΓ©cor of your home.