led & 3D TV Wall Brackets

April 27, 2011
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We now stock slim LED tv wall bracket and 3D Television mounts for all the latest screens. Buy online today and get free uk delivery.

Choosing between tilting wall mounts and swivel wall mounts

January 4, 2010
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Making the distinction between a swivel wall mount and a tilting wall mount is very important. You should choose your TV wall bracket based on your needs and the needs of your home. Listed below are a few things you should know about both these varieties of TV wall brackets.

Tilting wall mounts:

tilting TV wall bracket

tilting TV wall bracket

Price: In terms of price, tilting wall mounts are the most moderately priced brackets in the TV wall bracket sector. They are cheaper than swivel brackets.

Features: The features of a tilting wall bracket are limited when compared to a swivel wall mount.

Limitation: Tilting wall mounts have limitations when it comes to movement. They are capable of moving only 15 degrees either up or down.

Type of home: This variety of wall brackets is suitable for households that have problems with light reflecting on the TV screen.

Swivel wall mounts:

swivel tv wall bracket

swivel tv wall bracket

Price: In terms of pricing, these are more expensive than tilting brackets.

Features: Swivel wall mounts are the best option in terms of features. You can use them to tilt and swivel your TV to any given angle you like.

Limitations: In terms of what is available in the TV wall bracket market; there are very few limitations as far as swivel wall mounts are concerned.

Type of home: This variety of wall bracket is suited for homes where you want to mount the bracket in the corner of the room.

Keep this brief comparison of brackets in mind before you choose a wall bracket for your home.

Get flat TV wall brackets for your LCD TV

January 2, 2010
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LCD tv wall bracket

LCD tv wall bracket

In today’s world, high definition TVs have taken over the entire TV market. All over the world, people are buying flat screen HDTVs to enjoy the best TV viewing experience.

If you buy a flat screen LCD TV, then you should also buy a suitable TV wall bracket. LCD TVs are meant to be mounted on the wall with TV brackets. Without TV brackets, you will not be able to enjoy the best your TV has to offer. Moreover, your room will look more modern and artistic if you mount your TV on the wall.

There are various types of TV brackets available. In order to make your choice easy, you should determine the place where you will position your TV. On the basis of this position, you can select the perfect TV bracket.

One of the best places to mount your LCD TV is at eye level. If you have decided to place your LCD TV at eye level, then you should get a flat TV wall bracket. Mounting your LCD TV on this type of TV bracket will make your home look aesthetically pleasing. And, with the help of TV brackets, hiding all your cables becomes fairly easy.

By placing your LCD TV at eye level and with the help of a flat TV wall bracket your TV will look just like a painting hung on the wall.

How to mount TV brackets on the wall

December 28, 2009
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tv bracket with swivel tilt action

tv bracket with swivel tilt action

LCD and Plasma TVs are rapidly gaining popularity nowadays, due to the fact that they are light in weight and have a sleek, modern look. Alongside the introduction of these TVs, TV wall brackets are also now available; to help users mount their television sets onto the wall.

These wall brackets can generally be categorised into three main types: flat, swivel and tilt TV wall brackets. All of these models can be incredibly useful, but you need to know how to choose the right one for your home and needs, and also how to install them correctly.

Tips to help you choose and install your TV bracket:

First of all, you need to decide which wall you want to install your TV wall bracket onto. You need to choose the centre wall in the room, as this will help you to view the TV from any corner of the room.
With swivel TV brackets and tilt TV wall brackets, you will find an arm-type attachment which will help you to adjust the TV screen to several angles as per your requirements.
Before buying a TV wall bracket, you also need to know about VESA spacing, a size measurement that will be clearly mentioned in the instruction manual.
At the time of installing the TV onto the bracket, you also need to properly attach the TV to the wall bracket using the four holes.

These tips should help you to choose and install your TV bracket, but if you get stuck, it is always recommended that you seek help from a professional.

Enjoy viewing your new TV with TV wall brackets

December 26, 2009
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TV wall brackets have become an essential TV accessory for most people nowadays. TV wall brackets only used to be used in public places such as clubs, restaurants, and railway stations but they are now available for home use, and have become exceptionally popular.

TV brackets help to securely hold your expensive LCD or Plasma TV on the wall, and also help to enhance the look of your room. What’s more, as the TV is hung on the wall, they also help you to save a great deal of floor space. This means you can place other furniture items in the same space, therefore better utilising the amount of space you have available.

TV wall brackets are mainly categorised into three types: tilting, swivelling and flat TV brackets. You can opt for any one of them, as each one has their own set of advantages. However, one of the most popular types is flat TV wall brackets, as they are capable of mounting your TV on the wall like a picture frame; a very attractive look for any contemporary home.

If you are planning to install a TV bracket on your wall by yourself then go for it, as it is not a difficult task. You only need to take care that you have the correct tools available to you, and that you follow the instructions printed on the back of box the bracket came in. However, if you are unsure about the process in anyway, always employ a professional to do the job for you.

Television wall brackets will solve problems of space

November 5, 2009
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One of the major problems that people are facing with their homes is space. With more innovative gadgets and appliances available today, it is becoming a very difficult task to decide where to place them.

TV Wall Bracket - Fits All Screens - From

TV Wall Bracket - Fits All Screens - From

Television wall brackets have been introduced to solve this problem. If you decide to buy the latest LCD television, do not worry about where to place it. With the help of television wall brackets, you can mount your television wherever you want. They do not occupy any floor space.

Are you worried about the sturdiness of these brackets? You do not have to be troubled about your television once you have placed your television on them. These television wall brackets are extremely strong and robust.

You should buy a television wall bracket on the basis of the size and weight of your television. Television wall brackets are made of good quality materials and can carry the weight of your television easily. There is no way your television will be damaged. It will not fall off from the wall and break into pieces.

These television wall brackets are extremely durable too. They are made to last for a lifetime. You may have to change your television for technical reasons, but not your television bracket. It is possible to use the same bracket for many different types of televisions, although check the specifications prior to install.

How to install a TV wall bracket securely

October 10, 2009
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Super Flat TV Wall Bracket From - Only Β£49 - FREE UK Delivery

Super Flat TV Wall Bracket From - Only Β£49 - FREE UK Delivery

The era of the big and bulky TV is slowly but surely coming to an end. This is as new slimmer LCD TVs and plasma TVs have come on in the market. The competition in this market has increased to such a level that TVs are now ultra slim because of their flat screen.

The need for TV brackets recently
A huge amount of space is saved as a result of an LCD TV. These LCD TVs also provide you with a picture quality that is second to none. LCD TVs may be slim and flat but they are in no way light in weight. There is a certain technique how to install a TV bracket once you have purchased it. If you do not install a TV bracket properly, your television may end up getting damaged. A LCD TV or plasma TV can be very expensive. The first thing that you have to do is to find a suitable wall. The mount has to be securely fixed on the wall. Once you find the appropriate location, mark it with a pencil.

Make sure that you have the proper measurements of the height and the position you want the LCD TV to be at. Drill into the studs of the wall and then attach the LCD TV bracket with screws. Check the weight-holding capacity of the TV bracket before attaching the LCD TV onto it. In this way, you can make sure that your LCD TV is securely attached to the wall.

Which TV Wall Bracket? – Your Television – Your Choice

September 30, 2009

Many people who buy a flat screen television look to wall mount their investment, the most sensible choice as it will save space and is more secure away from small children and pets, So now you have chosen your LCD, Plasma or LED TV it’s now time to wall mount!

Here are the most popular types of tv wall brackets available from

Flat TV Bracket (Large for screen sizes 32″ up to 60″):

Tilt TV Bracket (Large for screen sizes 32″ up to 60″):

Cantilever TV Bracket – swivel/tilt pull out (Large for screen sizes 32″ up to 60″):

The TV wall bracket choice mentioned above give the consumer a high quality product from at an affordale price – a significant saving from the high street.

All TV wall brackets supplied by come with a full money back guarantee, full assembly instructions and wall fixings to mount the television – all TV wall brackets are suitable for LCD, LED or Plasma screen by all manufacturers.

Latest Television Development News From: TV Wall Brackets –

September 13, 2009

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TV wall mounts and tv brackets avalible for major brands; Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, JVC, Pioneer and Panasonic avalible from

See All television brands.

What you will find at
Sony TV wall brackets with other major brands such as Samung tv wall brackets, also avalible are Sharp tv wall brackets. Ceiling TV brackets are also sort after for Sharp LCD Televisions, swivel and tilt toshiba TV brackets can be purchased at online. Philips TV wall brackets are the best option for the ambilight range as the benifits are maximizing the effects of the glowing light effect around the TV to bring your viewing area alive. JVC TV wall brackets are great for those who want more space in the living room, JVC televisions are slim and a flat TV bracket will give you the best look for your home.Panasonic TV brackets are all very different depending on the model, most of the 32″ screen size have a standard VESA 100×200 (mm) fitting for the TV bracket, however some are VESA standard 400×200 (mm) for the 37″ screen size and above the VESA standard is 600×400 (mm), in this case you should use a large tv bracket.
See the range of Pioneer TV wall brackets, purchase online with free delivery to the UK.

The types of wall brackets for the above makes and models of LCD, LED and Plasma television:

See all the LCD, LED and Plasma Television TV wall brackets.

The benefits of using different types of TV wall brackets

September 5, 2009
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TV brackets are what hold your LCD TV or plasma TV close to the wall. With TV brackets you can get the best possible view of your TV.

LCD TVs need to be supported by brackets as this saves a lot of floor space and avoids clutter. LCD TVs can be quite expensive and if they end up suffering damage, it may end up being a huge loss for you. This is the reason why it is necessary that you select a strong bracket that offers you the best possible support.

Tilt and swivel tv wall bracket example:
An LCD TV bracket allows you to change the position of your TV, so that you get the best possible view from every position. There are different types of TV brackets available that suit different needs and purposes. Each of them has their own advantages. The different types TV brackets are flush TV wall brackets, tilting TV wall brackets, swivel and tilt TV wall brackets, cantilever arm TV wall brackets and ceiling TV wall brackets. Flush TV wall brackets are the simplest of all.

Here is an photo of a celing hanging bracket:

Tilting TV wall brackets give people limited flexibility. Swivel and tilt TV wall brackets are ideal for small LCD TVs and can be adjusted to any possible position. Cantilever TV wall brackets can support all sizes of TVs. Ceiling TV wall brackets hold the TV to the ceiling.

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