TV brackets with shelves

December 3, 2009
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TV brackets are already making life simpler and more stylish at home, but they are constantly adapting to meet the needs of customers. Beyond our LCD TVs, there are a number of other gadgets that we would like to be able to store on the wall to save space. DVD players, Blu-ray players, Freeview boxes and so on, all need a place in our homes. In a conventional setup, all these items and their cables create something of a mess.

Glass Wall Shelf Mount Bracket For SKY DVD - Just £69.95!

Glass Wall Shelf Mount Bracket For SKY DVD - Just £69.95!

With new age brackets it is possible to keep things much more organised. TV wall brackets are freeing up even more space by incorporating shelves into their design. These shelves are mainly used to store the devices related to LCD TVs.

Brackets can be used for our sound systems as well. Speakers can be placed high up in the corners of our rooms, not only saving space but improving the quality of the sound. In order to make the most out of the advanced pieces of technology that we are filling our homes with, we need to make sure we are placing them effectively.

Every day brackets are evolving into more sophisticated gadgets. They are strong and compact and provide perfect support for your LCD TV.

TV brackets are an essential accessory for your expensive LCD television

November 25, 2009

Buying an LCD television is an excellent choice, but it does however mean that you have to spend a great deal of your hard-earned money. Therefore, it is important to protect your LCD television and ensure that it doesn’t become damaged or scratched. The best way to do this is by mounting it on a television wall bracket.

TV wall brackets do not take up much space in your home, and they can actually help you to free up floor space. This is a particular bonus, especially when you think about the days when televisions were placed on huge, bulky furniture. By using TV brackets, all that space can be utilised in a much better way.

Television wall brackets are very strong and sturdy, so you can be assured that your television will not slip or fall off the wall. These brackets are also very durable and are designed to last for a long period of time. You can change your television, but will never have to buy a new television wall bracket again.

You can install these brackets yourself, but it is advisable to ask an expert to do the work for you to ensure that the brackets are installed in the correct way.

As well as supporting your television in the right way, TV brackets can also contribute to the quality of your TV viewing experience. So, if you have bought the latest LCD television, then you need to get TV wall brackets for it right away.

Sony ready to launch internet video Bravia TV

November 17, 2009

Sony have announced that they are to launch an internet video television early in 2010. Using the Bravia TV, users will be able to connect the TV to their broadband connection, and enjoy video, content and music from around 40 online providers.
Sony and the 40 other partners including YouTube, Channel Five, Flickr and Dailymotion, will be part of an internet video platform. The Bravia TV features integrated Sony XMB navigation.

See the YouTube Video:

The technology which enables the internet to be accessed via a TV has been around in a very basic form for several years now, but the Bravia TV takes it to a whole new level. According to many experts, internet TV will play a very important role in the future of home entertainment.

However, Sony will face tough competition from rival brands, in addition to having to compete with services such as the BBC iPlayer and Sky Player, who are already offering TV on demand.
With continuous developments in the world of television, Sony’s success largely depends on the kind of content they offer.

The Bravia TV is expected to be compatible with many of the TV brackets which are already available on the market, which is one less thing that Sony will have to worry about.

See The range of TV wall brackets for Sony Bravia televisions – Sony TV Brackets.

Why are television brackets important?

November 17, 2009
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Entertainment plays a very important role in our lives. One of the main sources of entertainment in our homes is our television. Many people like to get the latest television. The latest technological innovations are LCD and plasma televisions.
If you still own an old CRT television, you are missing out on a lot of fun and excitement in your life. It is high time you bought one of the latest televisions. As the popularity of these televisions is increasing, the demand for television wall brackets has also risen.
Television wall brackets are as important as your LCD or plasma television. If you want your television to be safe then you need to get these television brackets.

Desk TV Mount From

Desk TV Mount From

Mount your LCD or plasma television securely
If you do not want your television to fall and break, then you need to get a television bracket. With the help of these brackets, you can also keep your television at a height away from the reach of children.

Latest Television Development News From: TV Wall Brackets –

September 13, 2009

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TV wall mounts and tv brackets avalible for major brands; Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, JVC, Pioneer and Panasonic avalible from

See All television brands.

What you will find at
Sony TV wall brackets with other major brands such as Samung tv wall brackets, also avalible are Sharp tv wall brackets. Ceiling TV brackets are also sort after for Sharp LCD Televisions, swivel and tilt toshiba TV brackets can be purchased at online. Philips TV wall brackets are the best option for the ambilight range as the benifits are maximizing the effects of the glowing light effect around the TV to bring your viewing area alive. JVC TV wall brackets are great for those who want more space in the living room, JVC televisions are slim and a flat TV bracket will give you the best look for your home.Panasonic TV brackets are all very different depending on the model, most of the 32″ screen size have a standard VESA 100×200 (mm) fitting for the TV bracket, however some are VESA standard 400×200 (mm) for the 37″ screen size and above the VESA standard is 600×400 (mm), in this case you should use a large tv bracket.
See the range of Pioneer TV wall brackets, purchase online with free delivery to the UK.

The types of wall brackets for the above makes and models of LCD, LED and Plasma television:

See all the LCD, LED and Plasma Television TV wall brackets.

Sharp to start production of new range of LED TVs

September 12, 2009
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The good reception LED TVs has received all over the world has encouraged a number of TV manufacturers to launch ranges of their own. The latest to join the bandwagon is Sharp who are getting set to launch their next generation of LED TVs. The electronics company announced that it will be using an integrated campaign to launch the energy saving flat panel TVs.

Sharp’s LED TV campaign, which has been created and will be overseen by DCH, includes using point of sale material, print, online banners and the company’s website. The company has also revealed that it will be providing purchasers of their LED TVs with a five year warranty.

In addition to a great warranty period, Sharp will also offer free Blu-ray players with selected LED TV models. The company has based its campaign on its ‘Sharper Technology’ concept and plans to educate consumers about LED TV technology. The new range of LED backlight TVs will mark an evolution in the company’s TV technology.

Over the last few months, LED TVs have become quite popular because of their ability to save energy. This is because these TVs are manufactured without mercury, which results in them using about 40% less energy than regular LCD TVs. However, like LCD TVs, these new energy saving units are flat and are best mounted on walls with the help of TV wall brackets. It is left yet to see whether the new ranges of LED TVs will have TV brackets made especially for them.

Sharp TV wall brackets:

Get a tidier house with LCD TV wall brackets

August 31, 2009
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The space in your house, whether actually available or merely perceived, is what determines the neatness of it. LCD TVs are making the availability of extra space possible. A flat screen television ensures that the extra space saved can help produce a clutter free look for your house.

LCD TV wall brackets can further add to the free space available

LCD TV wall brackets are small items that can be fixed to the back of your flat screen television and allow you to wall mount it with ease. If you buy a stand for your LCD screen, not only will it cost you a lot, it will also eat up space. TV stands are great for the storage of things like VCRs and DVD players, but it is also human nature to leave things lying on TV stands like magazines, thus adding to the clutter in your room.

Take a look at this DVD wall shelf unit – compliments your wall mounted TV:

LCD TV wall brackets prevent you leaving stuff close to the television. This guarantees that there is nothing blocking your screen or collecting dust nearby. Your house will look neater and tidier thanks to LCD TV wall brackets.

SALE: Glass Wall Shelf TV Mount Bracket For SKY/DVD

July 20, 2009
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Find the new product at Glass DVD Home Cinema shelf, perfect for wall mounting with your Plasma or LCD TV! You can use this for DVD, Sky Box, Speakers, Home Cinema etc – this is extremely neat thanks to the built in cable tidy for hiding those messy wires!

A special offer sale price – was £89 now only £69!

TV wall shelf bracket – a great alternative to a glass televsion stand.