The different types of TV bracket that you can choose

January 31, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

Televisions no longer sit on TV stands instead they have found a new place for themselves. Televisions have become so slim that they are now being mounted on walls and the ceiling. This is why TV brackets have become so popular. In fact, the best installation of a slim television is only completed when it is supported by a TV bracket.

LCD and plasma televisions have become so common nowadays that almost every home has one of them. However, the luxury of owning a slim television can be further enhanced by using a TV bracket. A TV bracket provides a secure fixing for the television and holds it at the angle you require.

Wall mounted televisions require a TV bracket so that the view is convenient and comfortable. The advantage of installing a TV bracket is that it does not touch the wall directly and a gap is always maintained. This keeps the wall and the television scratch-free. Whilst a basic TV bracket can hold the television upright, an advanced TV bracket can swivel the TV screen left or right and also tilt the TV up or down. This luxury provides comfortable television viewing from almost any side of the room.

For ultimate luxury a TV bracket can also be used for mounting the television on the ceiling. This can look both attractive and visually stunning.

TV brackets are as important as the television

January 28, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Ian

A slim television can cost a lot of money. Many people indulge in this purchase for the pure pleasure of the luxury and optimum viewing they provide. Unfortunately, what people do not realise is that every slim television requires adequate support. TV brackets are therefore ideal for providing this fixed hold to the television.

A TV bracket keeps the television safe from damage. Wall mounting of the television saves a lot of space unlike a bulky television stand that uses lots of floor space. In fact, if the room is small then wall mounting should be looked at as a first priority.

TV brackets are available for all screen sizes, which is why the screen should be measured before purchasing the bracket. The installation of a TV bracket should be ideally carried out by an expert as it involves a lot of precision. However you could install the bracket yourself if you have the right tools.

You can search the internet for DIY tips so that the installation is done carefully and properly. A TV bracket holds the television to the wall so that there is no risk of it falling down or easily being removed by theft.

Positioning your flat screen TV

January 25, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

The TV is the focal point of a room, hence great consideration must be given in where to place the TV set. This particular dilemma has increased with the advent of flat screen and plasma TVs. TV brackets have made the wall an option for hanging our TV set. So now we use TV wall brackets to hang our plasma or flat screen TV.

Hanging your flat screen television on the wall is a good option as it can look great and saves a lot of space of your living room. TV wall brackets play a vital role in viewing your favourite movies and programmes with ease and comfort. A traditional television needs a stand for the set to sit on, which can be very bulky and occupy quite a large area of the room. This common problem with plasma or LCD units can be solved by using a TV wall bracket. It is important to choose the correct place to hang your plasma or LCD TV using a wall bracket. The place should be selected keeping in mind the viewing position and comfort of the individual. It is advisable to hang your plasma or LCD in the room where you spend most of your time.

Some home areas suggested to hang your flat screen TV are as follows:
• Kids playroom
• Work space and office area
• Bedroom
• Designated exercise space
• Attic or basement
• Bar or entertainment room

After selecting the room your next step will be selecting an appropriate wall to hang your flat screen TV.

LCD TVs with built in blu-ray players to storm the world

January 21, 2009
Posted in General — Written by John

The Consumer Electronics Show 2009 had a surprise in store for its visitors this year. Unlike the previous years where TV manufacturers were trying to out do each other with LCD and plasma TVs, this year saw the launch of LCD TVs that have a built in blu-ray player. Since slim TVs have become more common, this event took a different spin with the addition of TVs with pre-installed blu-ray players.

Since LCD and plasma TVs are now the norm, manufacturers are trying to entice customers with the blu-ray feature which has suddenly become very popular. Blu-ray technology allows more storage than DVDs and this is the reason for its increase in popularity. With different LCD TVs that measure over 32 inches now having built in blu-ray players, TV bracket sales are sure to rise.

The innovation of LCD and plasma TVs were the main reason for the increasing popularity of TV wall brackets. At the show, Sharp displayed their new Aquos LCD TV with built in blu-ray player, which was received with high praise. The TVs are due to go on sale from February, and this great feature means that they are sure to fly off the shelves.

Ultra slim TVs- the latest trend in the electronic world

January 18, 2009
Posted in General — Written by Alex

Everyone is excited about the latest electronic devices, and TV manufacturers are going head to head to win the hearts of their customers with Ultra Slim TV designs. In the future how your TV looks will be one of the main factors in the growth of plasma and LCD TVs. It has been revealed that ultra slim TVs will have a depth that will measure less than 40 mm and with the popularity of normal flat panel TVs, these ultra slim models are sure to grab the customers’ attention and sales and demand are sure to be high.

With the advent of flat screen TVs, there was also a huge demand for TV brackets. This was because TV wall brackets brought out the best features and look of flat screen TVs. LCD and plasma TVs are known for their high definition picture and sound quality, mounting them on a TV bracket enhances the viewing experience and brings out the best of your TV

The new ultra slim TVs with their many features will mean that mounting them on a wall will soon be considered the norm. The excellent technology, wireless links, spectacular looks and various panel designs will be the key features that sell ultra slim TVs for years to come.

Save space with LCD TV brackets

January 15, 2009
Posted in General — Written by Alex

Television sets are now becoming thinner and slimmer. Technology has played a vital role in replacing the traditional large and bulky television sets with sleek and stylish LCD TVs.

Today, most people may have an LCD TV and to further add beauty to your room, you can complement it with an LCD TV brackets. These LCD TV brackets are generally thinner than the usual CRT TV brackets. This is because LCD TVs have a thin design, they look better than other stands and at the same time help to save you a lot of space.

If the previous TV set you owned was small in size and you are upgrading to a larger screen you may need to purchase a different type of LCD TV bracket to take the extra weight and to ensure the mounting holes are compatible. A TV bracket also fixes your TV to the wall keeping your set safe and enabling it to be tilted and swivelled.

LCD TV brackets provide an ultimate viewing experience when they are mounted properly. An LCD TV bracket enhances the overall outlook to the décor of your room and so it makes sense to purchase one for your LCD television.

The right location and placement of a TV bracket

January 12, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Ian

An LCD or plasma screen television requires a TV bracket for wall mounting; however, where and how it is mounted is also very important. Therefore, one needs to select the right place to wall mount their television with the help of a TV bracket. This will help you achieve the maximum pleasure when viewing your plasma or LCD television.

The placing of the TV bracket should be at a distance of at least six metres from the seating area so that there is no excessive strain on the eye. This way the television held by the TV bracket is easy to view.

The height of the TV bracket from the floor also needs to be appropriate so that maintaining eye contact with the television screen is easy and comfortable. The height of the TV bracket will also ensure that children do not harm the television screen while playing.

The right selection of TV bracket is extremely important. Steel brackets provide stronger and firmer grip on the plasma screen or LCD television.

Television trends for the year 2009

January 9, 2009
Posted in General — Written by John

Televisions nowadays continue to shrink in size and expand in screen. Four inch-deep flat panels were quite a rage last year and now one inch or even less then that is the new benchmark. In fact, every big brand like the Samsung, Hitachi, LG, Sharp, JVC, Mitsubishi, Sony and Pioneer boast slim and sleek televisions.

Daniel Lee the Vice President of marketing, Hitachi Home Electronics stated that thin televisions provide the consumers with a combination of flexibility, elegance, performance, choice and aesthetics. He also elaborated that consumers are demanding a slim television for home décor and space utility.

This has also led to redesigning of TV brackets for increasingly slim televisions. TV brackets hold the television panel upright and make the display comfortable and easy. The TV brackets also hold the new flat panels close to the wall so that they stay erect.

However, with little space between the display and the wall hooking up cable wires is a problem. Therefore, to make the wiring wall-hugging new features like the kickstands that prop up the bottom of the television a few inches from the wall so that the installer can easily access the cabling and wiring have been created.

Always choose the best quality TV bracket

January 6, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

Purchasing a new flat screen television is a big investment for most people. Flat screen televisions like LCD and plasma TVs have an unmatched picture clarity and definition, and offer a whole new, better viewing experience. As these TVs cost a small fortune, it is essential to keep them safe and secure.

If you have decided to mount your LCD or plasma TV, then selecting the right TV bracket is very important. Different sizes of TV brackets are available with varying difference in their quality and selecting an inferior or poor quality TV bracket may seem cheaper but can have disastrous results for your television.

When mounting your LCD or plasma TV, its entire weight needs to be supported by the TV bracket. In addition, it is crucial to also mount your television on a wall that is capable of holding and supporting it. You certainly would not want your precious LCD or plasma screen to fall down in a heap of plaster and other debris.

TV brackets are available in a variety of types, each having different features to enhance your viewing pleasure. Some of the features that are available are tilt, cantilever arm and swivel arm which enable you to move the TV to different angles and positions for optimal viewing.

Selecting the right sized TV bracket based on the TV’s weight and make is crucial in making your flat screen offer you the best viewing for a longer time.

TV brackets for super slim screens

January 5, 2009
Posted in General — Written by Ian

The installation of TV brackets for super slim televisions can become quite a tedious task. This is because accurate measurements and dimensions of the television and the TV bracket are required, so that the television is fitted perfectly into the TV bracket. The job can be assigned to professionals for maximum benefits.

The first step is to locate a place where the TV bracket is going to be installed. The place should be centrally located. A wall that directly faces the window should be avoided as harsh sunlight can obstruct television viewing. The television can be mounted on any of the walls as long as the location is presentable and the wall is suitable (durable and strong).

Once the position is located then either let the professionals take over or do it yourself (DIY). If the job has to be done on your own then follow the instruction manual step-by-step. Assembling any tools required before actually starting the installation is a good idea. The purchase of all hardware items like the screws, nails, hammer, bolts and everything else should be done in advance so that no time is wasted during the installation. However, sometimes the basic items such as screws are included.

TV brackets are ideal for slim televisions as they hold the sleek televisions upright and erect. A TV bracket guarantees utmost safety to the television. A slim television mounted on the wall saves a lot of space on the floor. This makes the room look neat and tidy. A super slim television is therefore incomplete without a TV bracket.