Buy your TV bracket with extra care if you like watching TV comfortably

March 31, 2009
Posted in General — Written by Ian

TV brackets are often neglected when people buy their first LCD TV. People who buy their second flat screen TV take special care in selecting the TV bracket since they have already understood the importance of a TV bracket.

TV brackets not only hold your TV and keep it mounted to the wall but also allow you various added advantages. Firstly, TV brackets make your home look sleeker, more stylish and more spacious. This effect can’t be achieved if you place your TV on a cabinet or table.

TV brackets are available in various styles, colours and offer different features. Different viewing positions are one feature that provided by some TV brackets. By opting for a TV bracket that can rotate 360 degrees you can watch the same TV from different angles.

People like to view their TV from different positions in the same room. A cantilever arm TV bracket can easily help you to achieve this as it allows the TV screen to move 180 degrees and also lets you tilt the screen by a few degrees.

Motorised TV brackets that can be controlled by remote are also available. Once you know what you want, you are sure to find a TV bracket that suits your needs. Remember you will not mount your TV every day, so it is better to opt for a TV bracket that is relatively flexible, so choose accordingly.

A few important points about TV brackets

March 30, 2009
Posted in General — Written by Alex

While buying a TV bracket, the most important thing that to be considered is the size and weight of the TV. Remember the TV bracket holds the full weight of the TV and keeps it mounted to the wall. So, if a weak TV bracket is installed, your TV can suffer damage and can also be the cause of accidents.

Once you are sure that the TV bracket is strong enough for your TV, choose a colour that fits the décor of your home. This is especially important if you are going for a cantilever arm TV bracket since the arm is clearly visible. While it is best to go for black you can also pick silver if your home has a metallic colour theme.

The next important consideration is the function. Although a cantilever arm TV bracket is not required if you place the TV in a small room, a TV bracket that allows you to tilt the TV screen by a few inches is always beneficial and also allows you to use the same TV bracket if you decide to move house.

A TV bracket that offers adequate screen flexibility is advisable in all cases. After you make your selection of TV bracket, the last essential part is the installation. It is preferable not to do the installation yourself as it might give rise to complications. So hire professional help and install your TV bracket safely to keep your TV protected and enjoy a unique viewing experience.

The right way to mount a flat screen TV

March 28, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by John

A common yet important discussion that people have when they buy a flat screen TV is where they should put the unit and how. Without a doubt, these TVs are meant to be mounted on walls but which wall and how? This can be difficult to answer and can be a huge waste if you are not correct if you do not have a little advice about it.

Mounting a flat panel TV on the wall

Flat panel TVs can be mounted with any of the different TV brackets available. Depending on the size of your TV, your preferences and where you want the TV to be mounted, you can choose the prefect TV bracket to suit your needs. TV brackets are the best way to mount a flat panel TV as it gives the TV and the room an appealing and desirable appearance.

Selecting a mounting place

Once you know that your flat screen TV has to be mounted on a wall with the help of TV brackets, finding an appropriate wall is necessary. An ideal wall would either be a plain, soft coloured wall or one with soothing colour patterns. This kind of a wall creates a pleasant background while watching TV and will not draw your attention to it.

TV brackets can be selected from a wide range that will provide you with different functions. There are standard TV brackets that fix your TV flat against the wall you mount it on and there are those that can be tilted, turned from side to side and pulled away and pushed back towards the wall, depending on your needs.

Important reasons for using TV brackets to mount your LCD TV

March 26, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Ian

Buying a new wide screen LCD TV or plasma screen TV can be a wonderful feeling for many people. Since these TVs are considered to be an exquisite luxury item, they have to be taken very good care of. However, the whole appearance and feel of a flat panel TV is reason enough to take extreme care of these TVs.

LCD and plasma TVs are not meant to be put just anywhere. The reason behind the sleekness and flatness of these TVs is so that they can be mounted on a wall and viewed easily. The best way to mount flat panel TVs is by using wall brackets.

• Plasma screen and LCD TVs are not items that you can go out and buy every week or month. This is why they should be kept out of harm’s way. Mounting a flat panel TV on a TV wall bracket can keep it out of the reach of children who can fiddle with it and spoil it.

• It is true that mounting an LCD TV or plasma screen TV on wall brackets can make a wonderful difference to the way you watch TV.

These are the main reasons for using TV wall brackets to mount flat screen TVs. The good thing is that TV brackets are available in different types, so you can easily find one that is suitable for you.

The importance of TV brackets

March 24, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

The location you position your plasma screen TV or LCD TV is crucial. This can help you enjoy the best television viewing experience. If you do not place it appropriately then you cannot enjoy it to the full. Place your TV in a position that is easily viewed and is not too close to your viewing position.

Mounting the television set in the correct location is of the utmost importance. This way the set can be viewed from various positions in the room. Different TV wall brackets have different options for tilting or swivelling the screen so you can view the TV from various angles.

One factor that is also crucial is the height of the television screen. Using TV wall brackets, you can position the screen at a high level and then tilt the screen down so you do not have to strain your neck. You can also position them at a height away from small children so that they do not play with your prized possession.

Selecting the right mounting brackets is very important. Always select good quality brackets as they are very durable and should last for years. Also keep in mind that mounting the TV bracket is a job that will need appropriate tools. It can be advantageous to spend a little money and hire a professional to do the job if you do not have the necessary skills.

TV brackets should be appropriately positioned

March 18, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

In order to get the best viewing experience, it is extremely important to position the Plasma or LCD TV in a suitable location. If you do not give prior thought to your Plasma or LCD TV fixing position, then you will not have the best possible view.

The distance between your position and the television must preferably be at least six metres depending on the size of the set. It is recommended to keep a distance of six metres, because this is the distance that does not cause you to get tired eyes and also provides you with the ultimate viewing experience.

The height of TV is also an important factor to consider. If you keep your plasma or LCD TV at a low level, it may get damaged by people knocking it over, or by pets.

A TV wall bracket will provide the best solution to fix your TV to the wall. A professional can also help you find the best place to mount your Plasma or LCD TV. When your TV is mounted this way you can sit back and relax and enjoy TV at its best.

The benefits of using TV wall brackets to mount your LCD TV

March 13, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Ian

The TV can be considered a great source of entertainment. In the past televisions were large and bulky. LCD TV’s are very popular today and they are extremely slim when compared to their previous counterparts.

Usually, a TV can be placed on a table; however this may not look neat and appealing. Hence, a wall bracket can be considered as the best solution for you to give your room a modern look. The best feature of a LCD TV wall bracket is that they can be attached to any wall which can help to save a lot of valuable space. LCD TV’s look quite attractive and appealing when hung on a wall.

Wall brackets are available in different designs, colours, shapes and sizes to meet your tastes and requirements. They are cost effective and also look quite neat once installed. They protect your television from damage, especially if you have children or pets in your home. In addition, it is always advisable to use professional help for the installation of your LCD TV wall bracket.

Some pointers for the correct installation of your TV bracket

March 12, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by admin

TV brackets are very popular; they can be installed in homes, offices or hospitals or any other location of your choice. There are many different types of TV brackets available that vary in shape, size and design to meet all your viewing needs. However, for the best TV viewing experience, it is important to install your TV bracket precisely.

The most important factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a TV bracket is that it must be compatible with your TV and has the same VESA spacing. VESA spacing is the distance of space between the mounting holes, which are on the reverse of your television. It is also equally important for your TV bracket to have sufficient space for your television cabling to pass behind it in an orderly manner.

Correct selection of a TV bracket is required because there is a lot of choice. They are available in tilting, swivelling, cantilever or fixed types. Usually, tilting brackets that can be adjusted to a 15 degree tilt are considered a good choice, especially when you want to mount the television at a higher level.

Use TV brackets for a better viewing experience

March 9, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

TV wall mount brackets are very popular and are the best choice for modern houses. These brackets look very stylish and are very useful too. A TV wall mount bracket is generally used to fix LCD or Plasma screen televisions to a wall. Moreover, these wall brackets can be easily fixed to any kind of wall surface, thereby helping you to save lots of floor space for other purposes. They are really useful for people who live in small apartments and homes.

Wall brackets solve the dilemma of little space, thereby giving a well organised look to your room. However, it is always advisable to select an appropriate place to install your TV wall bracket, for the best viewing experience. Moreover, before installing these brackets the user must make sure that they are able to sit comfortably and at the same time also able to observe the screen without stressing their neck.

In addition, these brackets are quite affordable and are good value for your money too. If installed properly, they can be very cost effective and will save a lot of floor space for your room. However before purchasing a TV wall mount bracket, it is important to ensure that the TV mounting holes match your bracket. There are many different types of TV brackets available like tilting, flat and swivelling brackets. So you can purchase the type of TV bracket as per your requirements.

The benefits of a cantilever TV bracket

March 4, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Alex

Positioning your newly purchased LCD television can be quite a task if you do not know where to put it. Putting your LCD television on a side table or a stand can be a little dangerous as there is always a chance of someone accidentally knocking the TV and breaking it. Therefore one should use a TV wall bracket to keep the LCD television safe.

A TV bracket is really a good idea to mount your television because is gives your room more space and adds a whole new dimension to watching television. A really good way of mounting your LCD TV is by using a good quality cantilever TV bracket.

These brackets are mounted on the wall and feature an arm which helps the TV swing out and fold back into the position of your choice. Cantilever TV brackets are extremely useful in rooms which are shaped awkwardly as they allow a lot of flexibility, in terms of where all you can place the TV.

Cantilever TV brackets are available in various sizes, so it is very important that you find out exactly what size is suitable for your television. All these advantages make cantilever TV brackets an excellent choice for your LCD TV mounting needs.