TV wall brackets for all ages

April 11, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by John

A television set is one of the most common appliances in every home. Although, televisions have changed a lot over the years, they are still considered a symbol of status by many people. Today, having a new flat screen television mounted on a wall can definitely impress the visitors to your home.

Despite the television being an integral part of every home, viewing habits are usually debated and watching television for a large amount of time can be frowned upon, especially for children. Of course, people do not just watch television for entertainment purposes; it can also be used for educational reasons. In the case of children, if they watch suitable television content with their parents, they can learn a lot from even basic television programmes.

If the viewing time of a child or a teenager is kept to an appropriate limit, it can be considered as a privilege and can be used to inculcate respect for boundaries and rules. All new televisions come with a remote control and at quite a young age, children learn to use them. However, with a TV wall bracket, the television can be placed high enough, out of the reach of children and the remote can be confiscated to prevent excess viewing.

When television is watched sensibly, it can certainly improve the quality of life.

Making the most of TV brackets

April 9, 2009
Posted in TV Bracket Advice — Written by Ian

Most people tend to spend a lot of energy and effort in decorating their home interiors. After all, when living in your home, you want it to be practical, presentable and comfortable. However, most homes get cluttered sometimes, as pets and children like to play around in the home and in some cases, adults too.

An effective way to make your home organised is to have the equipment and furniture fitted or placed in the right spot.

Placing the television in the right spot is a problem faced by most people. No matter how much you deliberate or think about it, the television needs to be placed in such a place that is away from glare and in plain sight. For the last few years, there has been a rise in the popularity of TV wall brackets as they allow several more viewing options when positioning your television. They are also a great space saving solution.

In most ways, placing a new modern flat screen television on the wall is like hanging a beautiful picture up. How high should it be? Where will it be appreciated the most? Where will the viewers be? Will they be sitting, standing, or lying down? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered when wall mounting a flat screen television.

Most people do not like to place the television set lower on the wall and also do not want to strain their neck by staring high up. Once you have found the ideal spot for mounting the flat screen, selecting the right TV wall bracket will not be a problem.

Install TV brackets: Give your LCD TV a cool and urban look

April 7, 2009
Posted in General — Written by Alex

Your television set has gone digital, wide and thin. Yes, you have bought an LCD TV for yourself. Now you can give your LCD a wall bracket.

The following are reasons why you might choose to get TV wall mounts.

• Your lounge can be clutter free.
• It will give you more space.
• You can alter the viewing angle.
• It protects your digital TV from accidental damage.

For a TV wall mount system, matching the right size, shape and weight is the key for selecting the optimum wall mount. In order to create a safe connection, your plasma TV wall bracket relies on embedded wood screw anchors.

Your LCD TV sits on a combination of TV mount brackets with a base or a platform. This results in modular, clean aesthetics. It also provides safety and security to the set.

With the installation of TV brackets, your lounge will get a designer, smart and urban look. The latest generation of wall TV mount systems means that businesses and families can have free counter space and yet can maintain the same level of security and equipment protection.