Mounting your television bracket: tips and tricks

July 31, 2009
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You have bought your television set and have now thoroughly searched to find your TV bracket as well. Now what is of major concern is mounting this bracket.

Firstly, you need to decide where about you are going to mount your television. That is, which is the best point to view the television screen from? The wall from which you wish to suspend the television obviously needs to be plain, empty and at least twice the size of your set. It should have easy access to your cable or satellite TV connection and a fitting for wiring. The colour of the wall should preferably be light and sober – something like white or cream. The television set is best kept at eye level, so make alterations accordingly.

Choose your television bracket after thoroughly considering all points. The size, model, make and dimensions of the TV will decide the bracket type. Besides this, there are colours and styles to match your tastes.

TV wall mounts supplied by are manufactured by UMount, these TV wall mounts are provided with full fitting instructions making it easy for a DIY install, however you may consider using a TV installer.

Consult a professional to mount the bracket to ensure reliability and steadiness. Experts will ensure the safety of your bracket and television set.

Here are some examples of TV wall mounts supplied by

Medium black pull out swing/swivel & tilt bracket,VESA standard 200×100/200×200/200×400 & 400×300 LCD mount. A stylish wall bracket with….[read more]

Large flat and slim tilting VESA 200/300/400/600/700 (fits in between VESA standards also) Plasma & LCD mount.A stylish…….[read more]

An LCD TV bracket is beneficial for you and the television

July 26, 2009
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Watching movies on your newly purchased LCD TV can be quite exciting. It offers an excellent quality picture which will make your TV viewing a lot more pleasurable. It is however, important that you also purchase an LCD TV bracket for your LCD TV. Buying a TV bracket for your LCD television can have a number of benefits for both you and the television.

In a normal situation, a newly bought LCD TV will be placed on a table or another furniture item. This can be slightly dangerous. LCD televisions are made to be quite slim, but wide. This means that they can be easily damaged if they are not positioned correctly. To avoid this, an LCD TV bracket will be able to hold your television securely in its place.

Mounting your LCD TV on to a TV bracket will also enable you to save on a lot of floor space. This free space can then be used for any other purposes. Moreover, an LCD television mounted onto a TV bracket will also provide you with the best viewing experience. This is because you will be able to adjust the television depending upon your needs. As a result, you will be able to avoid glares and tilt the LCD TV to a position from where you are most comfortable.

Mounting your LCD TV onto a TV bracket is an excellent idea.

Here is a wall mount TV bracket with swivel & tilt (cantilever) movement:

Check the weight of your television before choosing a TV bracket for it

July 26, 2009
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Modern technology has made life a lot easier. And one thing that has benefitted from these advancements is television. Modern televisions have developed to be quite different from their predecessors, although their main function does remain to be the same.
The modern television, has shed a lot of weight. And because of this, the modern day televisions can easily be mounted on the walls. A TV bracket can help you greatly in a situation like this. A host of TV brackets are available these days to allow your television to be held safely.
There are a range of factors that may influence your purchase of a TV wall bracket. However, the most important of all these factors is the weight of the television. Most TV brackets are made in a manner which allows them to carry a certain amount of weight. It is very important that you ascertain that the TV bracket that you are about to buy, easily handles the weight of your television.
Only a befitting TV bracket will be able to hold your television securely and prevent any accidental fall. It will also protect your television from any kind of damage.

Here is an example of a heavy duty tv wall bracket with tilt, this holds up to 75kg!:

SALE: Glass Wall Shelf TV Mount Bracket For SKY/DVD

July 20, 2009
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Find the new product at Glass DVD Home Cinema shelf, perfect for wall mounting with your Plasma or LCD TV! You can use this for DVD, Sky Box, Speakers, Home Cinema etc – this is extremely neat thanks to the built in cable tidy for hiding those messy wires!

A special offer sale price – was £89 now only £69!

TV wall shelf bracket – a great alternative to a glass televsion stand.

Selecting a TV bracket for your television

July 20, 2009
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Television sets are no longer luxury items. They are available in a wide range of options that include different models, sizes, shapes and features. Unlike the bulkier and heavier television sets of the past, plasma and LCD television sets have become extremely popular.

With the changing times and advancing technology, television sets have become much thinner and slimmer. These days, many people opt to have plasma and LCD television sets due to the many advantages that they provide. LCD and plasma television sets are a huge investment, thus you should take appropriate measures to save them from possible damage. Purchasing an LCD bracket is one way of keeping your television set safe and secure.

Home décor always makes a style statement and helps to express something about the owner. Many people choose to have the sleek and stylish LCD and plasma television sets because they offer better picture quality and resolution and they match the modern décor of their home.

LCD and plasma TV sets consume less space than the larger sets and they can also be made to mount on the wall using LCD TV brackets which is one of the biggest advantages of them. So, if you own a LCD TV or if you are planning to own one, make sure that you use LCD TV wall brackets to mount them and ensure that it is placed in an appropriate location.

TV wall brackets that give you that theatre experience

July 14, 2009
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In recent years, an advance in technology has meant that equipment has become slimmer and smaller. And this is certainly the case with TVs.

Slimmer TVs:
As well as mobile phones getting slimmer and sleeker, flat screen TVs are becoming increasingly popular. There are a lot of television companies that are coming up with TV screens that are flatter and better designed than other companies. It does not stop there; these TV screens give an even better picture quality than conventional TVs. Couple this with a satellite cable and you’ve got a television that gives you the feel of a theatre.

TV brackets:
As a result of this trend, you now find people buying LCD TVs and plasma TVs and attaching surround sound systems that give a real theatre experience.

These TV screens may be slim but they are in no way light in weight. And like all TVs they are fragile and need some kind of support. This is where TV brackets come into use. There are TV brackets and LCD TV wall brackets that keep your television fixed to the wall. The TV bracket also gives you the liberty of adjusting the TV to your viewing requirements.

The invention of the LCD TV bracket

July 14, 2009
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The television has come a long way from the large box that used to be placed in our lounge to the current sleek displays. This huge box that we used to call a TV has been transformed into a flat sheet of glass that gives us an exceptional picture quality.

From conventional TVs to LCD TVs
The television was invented in the 1920s by a man named John Logie Baird. This man came up with cathode ray tube technology. This enabled the cathode gun to fire electrons, which when excited and charged form an image on the screen. These images were a combination of three colours, which in turn combined to form many other colours that were known as pixels. These TVs were big and did not need any kind of support to keep them upright. But the new liquid colour display TVs and plasma TVs that have come into the market are pretty thin and flat and need to be mounted on the wall to stay upright.

TV brackets
There are many companies that now produce such TVs. From Samsung to Philips, and Panasonic to LG, all produce LCD TVs and plasma TVs. There is an increasing need among them to produce TV screens that are flatter and sleeker than the rest. And due to this, many companies have entered into competition, which in turn offers you such high-end technology at cheap prices. TV wall brackets and LCD TV wall brackets are essential to keep them fitted on the wall and there are various TV brackets available for this purpose.

TV wall brackets to hold your entertainment centre

July 9, 2009
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Gone are the days when television sets were big boxes and had a big picture tube. Nowadays, TVs with thin LCD screens are in. Going thin is the new trend that is catching the television set business like fire. Every brand is coming up with a television that gives a much better picture quality and is thinner than the previous one.

Need for TV brackets
The television box is slowly but surely becoming extinct. The new trend is to get televisions that are thin and that are much wider at the sides rather than wider at the back. As a result a new problem has arises due to having flat LCD TVs, and this problem is that it is difficult to balance on its own as a result of it being so thin. The LCD TV has become no thinner than a few centimeters. As a result there is a need for some kind of support equipment that can hold these 42 inch flat screen TVs on the wall. Hence, TV wall brackets and the LCD TV wall bracket were invented.

Types of TV brackets
These TV brackets enabled the Flat screened LCD TVs to be mounted on the wall. These LCD TV brackets hold the TV close and firmly to the wall. Though these TVs may be thin, they carry a lot of weight and like all televisions are also fragile. These brackets are available in different sizes and come in different types. Some of these wall brackets are immovable while others can be tilted and there are some that can also swivel and tilt.

Here are some examples of TV wall mounts and brackets which we talked about above:

LCD TV wall brackets that add to your viewing pleasure

July 9, 2009
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TV stands are usually the centre of attraction when you enter into a person’s home. The TV and the home entertainment system play a very important role in the living room. This is why it is important to place them at the right location.

TV stands and wall brackets
Wooden TV centers were one of the most common TV in the past that had a glass door. TV stands have come a long way from what they were. As the TV sets have evolved so have the TV stands. As new types of TVs came onto the market, new ways were invented to place them. For example, the invention of the LCD TV led to the invention of wall mountings, as this TV was so thin that it could not support itself on its own. It needed to have a much better support. Hence, the invention of TV brackets that provided full support. TV brackets are available in different designs, depending on the type of TV to be placed.

LCD TV wall brackets
Most of these TV wall brackets are mounted on the wall and hence are also known as wall mounts. LCD TVs can be mounted by way of these brackets anywhere, from the sides of walls to the ceiling. Flush TV wall mounts are the most commonly used; they are pretty rigid and hold the TV in one place. Tilting TV brackets and others provide different levels of flexibility in terms of viewing.

Choosing the right TV wall bracket for you

July 7, 2009
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When you buy a new LCD TV, the next thing to look out for is the TV wall bracket.
The options range from swivel and tilt LCD TV wall brackets, tilting TV wall brackets, cantilever arm TV wall mounts and flush TV brackets.

Getting it right:
Firstly, decide where you want your TV to be. You do not want to pay for damages if you change your mind about the wall space you would like to fix your TV onto. TV brackets give your home a neat, uncluttered look. Do you want your TV to be the centre of attention in the hall? Then install your LCD TV wall bracket facing your seating area. If the LCD TV need not dominate the living room, you can choose to fit a TV wall bracket in a separately cosy seating area within the room.

Pick your bracket:

Flush TV brackets

…are inflexible and will keep your LCD firmly within an inch of your wall. If you want your TV at a higher altitude than the seating area, a

Tilting LCD TV wall bracket

…is suitable for mounting your TV within three inches of your wall. Swivel and tilt TV wall brackets are suitable for smaller LCD TVs. Tilt it by 15 degrees upwards or downwards and rotate it by 360 degrees.

Get the

Cantilever arm mount

…if you are looking for the ultimate in flexibility. You can tilt your TV up or down, right or left, away from, or into the wall for enhanced viewing. Ceiling LCD TV wall brackets are generally used in supermarkets and pubs, etc.

Get the right TV bracket and enjoy watching television at home.

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