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September 30, 2009

Many people who buy a flat screen television look to wall mount their investment, the most sensible choice as it will save space and is more secure away from small children and pets, So now you have chosen your LCD, Plasma or LED TV it’s now time to wall mount!

Here are the most popular types of tv wall brackets available from

Flat TV Bracket (Large for screen sizes 32″ up to 60″):

Tilt TV Bracket (Large for screen sizes 32″ up to 60″):

Cantilever TV Bracket – swivel/tilt pull out (Large for screen sizes 32″ up to 60″):

The TV wall bracket choice mentioned above give the consumer a high quality product from at an affordale price – a significant saving from the high street.

All TV wall brackets supplied by come with a full money back guarantee, full assembly instructions and wall fixings to mount the television – all TV wall brackets are suitable for LCD, LED or Plasma screen by all manufacturers.

Your room will look more spacious with a TV bracket

September 23, 2009
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Nowadays, TV brackets have become very popular and there is a great demand for these useful mechanisms. The brackets are regularly used in public places like railway stations, airports, etc. If compared to the past, the size of the television has reduced and the style of the televisions themselves has also changed.

Flat TV Wall Bracket - Only £9 - FREE UK delivery

Flat TV Wall Bracket - Only £9 - FREE UK delivery

A television was kept on a table and it used to occupy a lot of space. Now, the new advancements in the technology have changed the scenario and LCD TVs are thin and light. These TVs should be placed on a TV bracket, as they help us to save a lot of space and also offer safety.

Medium Size TV Wall Bracket for LCD, LED & Plasma TV - Only £28 - FREE Delivery

Medium Size TV Wall Bracket for LCD, LED & Plasma TV - Only £28 - FREE Delivery

In the cities, the size of an apartment is reducing and each corner of the room should be properly designed to save space. These TV brackets help to mount the television on the wall and there is no need to place it on a table unnecessarily. This way, the problem of space is solved by the TV brackets.

Now, you can use that space for other purposes. Moreover, the TV wall bracket also improves the viewing angles of the television. It enhances the décor of the home and adds beauty to the room. An LCD TV looks best, when it is hung on the wall.

The types of the TV brackets and importance of choosing the right one

September 21, 2009
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Flat TV Wall Bracket - Available from

Flat TV Wall Bracket - Available from

A TV wall bracket holds your LCD TV or plasma to the wall. These LCD TV brackets also help you to adjust your TV, so that you can get the best possible view. Since LCD TVs are so slim and flat, it is necessary that you provide some sort of support to keep it from falling down. This is where TV brackets come in, as they help you attach the LCD TV to the wall.

There are different types of TV brackets you can select from, such as the flush TV wall brackets that hold the LCD TV rigidly at one place on the wall. There are some flexible options, such as the swivel and tilt TV wall brackets that allow you to change the position of the TV. This allows you to get the best view no matter where you are sitting in the house.

Selecting the right TV bracket

It is important that you choose the right TV bracket for that LCD TV, as you do not want any harm being caused to such an expensive piece of technology. You may end up wasting a lot of time and money installing a TV bracket that you cannot attach your LCD TV on to. You may also end up causing more harm than good, if the TV bracket cannot support the weight of your LCD TV. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right TV bracket.

LCD TV brackets that help you enjoy that perfect picture quality

September 19, 2009
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ONLY £19 with FREE delivery -Tilt & Turn wall Bracket available from

Today, TVs are slimmer and thinner than ever. These TVs look more or less like flat pieces of metal and glass put together. The competition in the TV industry has come down to such a level that each day TV companies come out with the slimmest TV in the world. These LCD TVs give you a picture clarity that is second to none.

Slim TV Bracket – sits only 35mm from the wall:

The improvement in the picture quality of TVs
These TVs are not like those CRT TVs that we used to watch our favourite TV programmes on. The TV picture quality of these CRT TVs was very poor. The picture quality was so bad that you could even count the pixels on the screen. The LCD TVs and plasma TVs give you a picture quality that is one of the best in the world. Since these LCD TVs and plasma TVs are so slim, they need some kind of support that will help them to stay upright. These TVs may be slim and thin, but they are in no way light and need some sort of support. This support is provided by TV wall brackets and LCD TV brackets.

The importance of LCD TV brackets
These LCD TV brackets help to hold the TV close to the wall. These LCD TV brackets are extremely strong and can take a lot of weight. It is important that you pick a TV bracket that is meant for that LCD TV size specifically. If you pick the wrong TV bracket, it may end up damaging your LCD TV. Thus, these TV brackets help you to enjoy the best picture quality in a LCD TV.

Buy attractive TV brackets to enhance the beauty of your new television

September 18, 2009
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What do you do after buying a new television? You probably keep it on a table or place it on an old metal TV stand. However, your new television set does not appear at its best until you use an attractive bracket to support it.

Small Cantilever Arm Bracket:

< Go for TV wall brackets
TV wall brackets are probably what you are looking for. They are attractive, stylish and can be installed easily. Moreover, these brackets add to the overall beauty of your television set. They also permit you to install the television set at a height of your choice and with more than enough support.
Modifications to television brackets have ensured that they enable the users to fix the TV in one place and control the direction by tilting or sliding the brackets arm and hinge.
So, sit back and relax. Enjoy viewing your new television in a position of your choice thanks to modern TV brackets. Install TV brackets to augment the beauty of your Television set.

Using a TV bracket is very beneficial

September 17, 2009
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With the changes occurring in the technology sector, some products help us to live a much better life. The TV bracket is one of them and it is becoming more and more popular by the day, this is because of the change in the TV’s form factor over the last few years. Television sets used to be huge and bulky in the past. Now, the television has changed in to a thin and light in weight device.

A TV wall bracket helps to place the television on the wall and by doing this you can save a lot of space, not to mention it will also enhance the look of your room.

The traditional way is to keep the television on the table, but the brackets have changed the scenario and it helps in placing the TV on the wall. You can also adjust the television according to your requirements and enhance your viewing experience. Some of them are specially made to fix your television on the wall and it will help to give your home a stylish and classy look.

They are available in different models and come in a wide range of prices; you only have to select one accordingly. All the different models have different purposes to deliver. It depends on your needs, but the most popular one is the standard wall mounted bracket.

The TV bracket protects the television and also helps in protecting any children and pets, because TVs kept on the table can fall on anyone. With a TV bracket your TV can be kept at a safe height.

Install double arm LCD TV brackets to enhance your viewing experience

September 14, 2009
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Everyone is aware about the benefits of LCD TV brackets and LCD TV wall brackets. TV brackets are preferred due to their superior quality and additional features. TV stands and tables are a thing of the past. LCD TV brackets are available in various styles and designs. They are used in order to enhance the TV viewing experience.
Some of the features of LCD TV brackets are as follows:
• Permits the users to move the TV in a direction of their choice
• Keeps the TV set or LCD TV in an appropriate position
• Can hold the weight without the fear of displacement
• Does not occupy much space
• Attractive and stylish
• Affordable and a one–time investment

Newer modifications in LCD TV brackets have provided the users with additional benefits. Users can choose the double arm LCD TV wall brackets which contains many additional features. In addition to the basic swiveling function, these LCD TV brackets can be used to contain LCDs of different screen sizes. It is also strong enough to carry a weight of up to
65kgs. Moreover, it is very easy to install and can be installed with the help of the manual provided with it. These double arm LCD brackets can be easily folded which makes it easier to transport.
LCD double arm brackets are affordable and durable in nature. Apart from this, these brackets are also provided with a modern security locking system preventing the television being stolen or moved.

Latest Television Development News From: TV Wall Brackets –

September 13, 2009

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TV wall mounts and tv brackets avalible for major brands; Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, JVC, Pioneer and Panasonic avalible from

See All television brands.

What you will find at
Sony TV wall brackets with other major brands such as Samung tv wall brackets, also avalible are Sharp tv wall brackets. Ceiling TV brackets are also sort after for Sharp LCD Televisions, swivel and tilt toshiba TV brackets can be purchased at online. Philips TV wall brackets are the best option for the ambilight range as the benifits are maximizing the effects of the glowing light effect around the TV to bring your viewing area alive. JVC TV wall brackets are great for those who want more space in the living room, JVC televisions are slim and a flat TV bracket will give you the best look for your home.Panasonic TV brackets are all very different depending on the model, most of the 32″ screen size have a standard VESA 100×200 (mm) fitting for the TV bracket, however some are VESA standard 400×200 (mm) for the 37″ screen size and above the VESA standard is 600×400 (mm), in this case you should use a large tv bracket.
See the range of Pioneer TV wall brackets, purchase online with free delivery to the UK.

The types of wall brackets for the above makes and models of LCD, LED and Plasma television:

See all the LCD, LED and Plasma Television TV wall brackets.

Sharp to start production of new range of LED TVs

September 12, 2009
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The good reception LED TVs has received all over the world has encouraged a number of TV manufacturers to launch ranges of their own. The latest to join the bandwagon is Sharp who are getting set to launch their next generation of LED TVs. The electronics company announced that it will be using an integrated campaign to launch the energy saving flat panel TVs.

Sharp’s LED TV campaign, which has been created and will be overseen by DCH, includes using point of sale material, print, online banners and the company’s website. The company has also revealed that it will be providing purchasers of their LED TVs with a five year warranty.

In addition to a great warranty period, Sharp will also offer free Blu-ray players with selected LED TV models. The company has based its campaign on its ‘Sharper Technology’ concept and plans to educate consumers about LED TV technology. The new range of LED backlight TVs will mark an evolution in the company’s TV technology.

Over the last few months, LED TVs have become quite popular because of their ability to save energy. This is because these TVs are manufactured without mercury, which results in them using about 40% less energy than regular LCD TVs. However, like LCD TVs, these new energy saving units are flat and are best mounted on walls with the help of TV wall brackets. It is left yet to see whether the new ranges of LED TVs will have TV brackets made especially for them.

Sharp TV wall brackets:

LCD TV brackets that give you the best possible view

September 10, 2009
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Televisions have gone through a lot of changes since they were first invented. The big CRT TVs have been become thin and slim LCD TVs and plasma screen TVs. These TVs give you a picture quality that is second to none. The picture quality of LCD TVs is a thousand times better than what we had in the past. These TVs also save you a lot of space and money.

The benefits of having an LCD TV
LCD TVs and plasma screen TVs have become very popular today and a lot of people prefer to purchase these. An LCD TV saves a lot of the space that used to be occupied by these huge CRT TVs. You also save money as you do not have to spend any on a huge cabinet to keep the TV on. These LCD TVs do however require some sort of a support. This support comes in the form of TV brackets.

The need for TV brackets
LCD TV brackets hold these TVs to the wall and give them all the support needed. In this way a TV bracket allows you to enjoy the best possible view.

Tilt TV wall bracket sample photo:

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