LCD TV brackets can enhance the look of your room and TV set

October 28, 2009

In the earlier days of television, there was no need for any installation. Televisions were bulky, oversized and just had to be placed on strong furniture.
Over the years, televisions have become thinner and lighter. The latest LCD televisions are extremely slim, light and delicate, and can be easily mounted on to a wall.

TV Wall Bracket From - Only £33 free delivery

TV Wall Bracket From - Only £33 free delivery

As LCD televisions are designed to be mounted on to walls, LCD brackets have become a vital accessory.
Things to consider when buying LCD TV brackets
Size and space: It is important that you keep in mind the size of your television. You need to buy LCD brackets that are suitable for the size of your set. Before buying the brackets, measure the space where you will be placing the television, and use this as a guide.
Weight: The latest models of LCD televisions are extremely delicate. You need to buy LCD wall brackets that will be able to fully support your television set, in order to reduce the risk of any damage occurring. This is why it is important to know the weight of your television.
LCD brackets are not only functional, but they can add a stylish touch to any room.

Give your sophisticated LCD TV a more stylish look

October 27, 2009

Have you got the latest wide screen, ultra slim LCD television? It would be a terrible sight if you had to place your classy LCD television on a piece of furniture with wires all over the place.
The latest LCD televisions are meant to be mounted on the wall for a more sleek and stylish look. Only by mounting it on the wall, will you create the ultimate ambience for a brilliant television viewing experience. So, get the latest television wall bracket and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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TV Wall Bracket - Only £17 - FREE Delivery From

The other reason to choose a TV bracket is that it makes your room clean and uncluttered. This is because it helps to save a lot of floor space. This space can be utilised for other important reasons.
Moreover TV brackets provide you the freedom of placing your television in the best viewing location. You can choose where you want your television to be placed. This cannot be the case if you place it on a stand or furniture.
The latest television bracket allows you to place your television close to the wall, giving your wall a very aesthetic look. Since the television is very slim and the wall mount hardly noticeable, your LCD TV will look like a beautiful painting on the wall.
With the television bracket, your LCD television will be completely safe and secure, away from the reach of children.
Get the television bracket for your classy LCD television. Being mounted on the wall will complete the look of your new stylish gadget.

Right placement and location of TV brackets is crucial

October 25, 2009
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LCD and plasma television are becoming extremely popular these days. These televisions are sleek and slim, which makes it the most desired choice amongst the masses. The LCD and plasma television are examples of the new and advanced technology that replaces the older bulkier and heavier TV. The newer plasma and LCD TVs are well known to provide an ultimate TV viewing experience. However, in order to enjoy the best viewing experience, proper placement of the LCD TVs on TV brackets is essential.

To enjoy the complete experience of these new-age televisions, one needs to select an appropriate place to mount the LCD and plasma television. One cannot have maximum pleasure of TV viewing unless the LCD or plasma TV is perfectly placed on the TV wall brackets.

TV Wall Bracket For LCD, LED & Plasma Television

TV Wall Bracket For LCD, LED & Plasma Television

When mounting the television, the distance between your eyes and the television screen should ideally be 6 metres. The height at which you place your television screen is also important because if your television screen is placed too high you could strain your neck trying to view it. If you have pets or kids playing at your home, you want to position your television out of the reach.

Although installing and mounting your television can be done on your own, it is always recommended to go for professional installation.

TV brackets are ideal for the best viewing experience

October 25, 2009

LCD and plasma television sets are undoubtedly the most exciting innovations in the electronic community. As many people now opt for LCD and plasma TVs, it has now become necessary to consider mounting them correctly and TV brackets are best suited for this task. While TV sets are getting better and bigger, they are in need of proper support to ensure that they stay firmly fixed to their chosen position.

TV Bracket For Medium Size LCD, LED & Plasma Television

TV Bracket For Medium Size LCD, LED & Plasma Television

Television sets come in an extensive range of design styles, colours, models and different features. But as the modern slim TV sets have become more affordable, more and more people are buying them and seeing the need for TV brackets. In fact, a lot of people choose to buy TV brackets at the same time as buying the television.

TV brackets are all about getting the best TV experience from the newest LCD and plasma TV screens. There is a huge diversity of TV brackets available, with an excess of different designs and price tags. Thus, deciding the appropriate TV bracket for your television set can be quite confusing. When purchasing a TV bracket for your television set you need to make sure whether the particular type of TV bracket is appropriate for your TV set or not.

Many different types of TV brackets are now available and each of them has its own different functions. Cantilever TV brackets, ceiling TV brackets, wall mount TV brackets, swivelling TV brackets etc are some type of TV brackets that you can opt for. However, before purchasing one, make sure that it perfectly accommodates your television screen for an improved television viewing experience.

Mounting a TV bracket, opt for professional installation

October 21, 2009
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After the introduction of the LCD TV in the consumer market, its popularity has greatly increased. Today, as many people opt for LCD TVs, it is important to mount them appropriately using LCD TV brackets. However, before purchasing an LCD TV bracket for your television set, it is very important to initially decide upon the type of TV bracket that is appropriate for your television set.

TV brackets come in many different types, sizes and shapes. Different types of TV brackets are intended for different television sets and so, it is important to select the one that is right for your TV set. Although LCD TVs are sleek, slim and lighter than the traditional projection TVs, you must ensure that they are mounted securely. If your television set is not mounted securely and appropriately, there are chances that may fall and get damaged. LCD TV Wall Mount TV Bracket LCD TV Wall Mount TV Bracket

If you are planning to mount your LCD television on the ceiling or on the wall, you need to invest in a good quality TV bracket to make sure that your TV set stays where it is supposed to be. If you neglect the LCD mounting advice, there are possibilities where your television may not be supported correctly or sufficiently. While many people opt for DIY, it is actually advised to opt for professional installation of TV brackets as professionals have a complete knowledge, expertise and the required tools for completing the installation work in the best possible manner.

A few things you need to know about TV brackets

October 21, 2009
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Small black flat and slim VESA 75/100 LCD TV mount

Small black flat and slim VESA 75/100 LCD TV mount

LCD and plasma television sets have been popular for quite some time. This latest technology offers practically the same services as that of the older technology. However, the size and the weight of these TV sets have decreased considerably. And now the plasma technology is finally available at lower prices that make it affordable for everyone.

LCD technology has been made available at pretty affordable prices in recent years. Apart from the incredible audio and video quality offered by LCD and plasma technology, the dimensions of LCD TVs make them easy to install at any place to get the best TV viewing experience.

These days, special furniture items are especially created to hold the LCD and plasma television sets. These furniture items are the LCD and plasma TV brackets. The LCD TV brackets greatly help to mount the LCD and plasma television sets at a suitable position from where you can get a brilliant TV viewing experience.

TV brackets come in many different sizes, shapes and types. They firmly hold your LCD and plasma TV sets and avoid them from getting damaged. Cantilever TV brackets, tilting TV brackets and swivelling TV brackets are some of the most common types of TV brackets available. So, if you have purchased LCD or plasma television sets and want to enjoy the ultimate cinema experience, mounting your TV sets on TV wall bracket is the best option.

Check certain factors before buying your TV brackets

October 13, 2009
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Quality TV wall bracket available to purchase from

Quality TV wall bracket available to purchase from

Development in technology has made our lives much simpler and well organised. Technology has also changed and so has the size of TVs. The TVs of the past were bulky and heavy, but now they are thin and lightweight. These thin LCD TVs require TV wall brackets to hang them on the wall.

Here are some important things which you must know before buying TV brackets for your LCD TV:

Holding capacity – First of all, you must check the holding capacity of TV brackets because some TV brackets are only capable of carrying certain weights. It is essential for you to know the holding capacity as TV brackets are used to hold expensive LCD TVs. You can check the weight specifications written on the box of the TV and the TV bracket. You must buy the TV bracket that is appropriate for your TV.

Good quality TV brackets – Many people spend lots of money on buying LCD TVs, but they tend to give less importance to TV brackets. They forget that these TV brackets will hold their expensive LCD TVs and if they fail to hold the weight of the LCD TV, then the bracket may collapse and result in damage to the TV set.

VESA spacing – VESA spacing is the distance between the holes that are at the back of the TV set and the TV bracket. The VESA spacing of the television should match with the VESA spacing of TV brackets. The TV brackets should be big enough for all the cables and connections.

How to install a TV wall bracket securely

October 10, 2009
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Super Flat TV Wall Bracket From - Only £49 - FREE UK Delivery

Super Flat TV Wall Bracket From - Only £49 - FREE UK Delivery

The era of the big and bulky TV is slowly but surely coming to an end. This is as new slimmer LCD TVs and plasma TVs have come on in the market. The competition in this market has increased to such a level that TVs are now ultra slim because of their flat screen.

The need for TV brackets recently
A huge amount of space is saved as a result of an LCD TV. These LCD TVs also provide you with a picture quality that is second to none. LCD TVs may be slim and flat but they are in no way light in weight. There is a certain technique how to install a TV bracket once you have purchased it. If you do not install a TV bracket properly, your television may end up getting damaged. A LCD TV or plasma TV can be very expensive. The first thing that you have to do is to find a suitable wall. The mount has to be securely fixed on the wall. Once you find the appropriate location, mark it with a pencil.

Make sure that you have the proper measurements of the height and the position you want the LCD TV to be at. Drill into the studs of the wall and then attach the LCD TV bracket with screws. Check the weight-holding capacity of the TV bracket before attaching the LCD TV onto it. In this way, you can make sure that your LCD TV is securely attached to the wall.

Ways to select a secure LCD TV bracket that protects your TV from harm

October 4, 2009
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The need for TV brackets has increased considerably since a few years. This is mainly because of the demand for LCD TVs and plasma TVs have increased considerably in the last few years. These LCD TVs give you a clarity that cannot be compared in any way to a CRT TV. A LCD TV is the prized possession in any home. The TV bracket is what provides these TVs with the support.

Making sure that your LCD TV is secure:
A LCD TV can be very expensive and may even burn a small hole in your budget. This LCD TV will surely be worth every penny you spend on it. If you are going to spend so much of money on such a piece of equipment, you better see to it that you spend a little more to secure it. You have to select a TV wall bracket that perfectly holds it to the wall. Selecting the wrong TV bracket can end up causing you more damage than good. There are certain steps you need to take to ensure that you select the perfect TV bracket.

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The tips to select the right bracket:
The first tip would be to read the booklet or instructions that comes along with the TV. This booklet or instructions will contain a lot of information about the TV, like its model number, the specifications and the size of the LCD TV. You may also find the customer care number of the manufacturer on it. You can call the manufacturer and ask them additional information about the TV. In this way, you can make sure that you have purchased a secure TV bracket.