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Flat TV Wall Brackets

Mountright offer quality solutions for flat tv wall brackets.

In today’s world, high definition TVs have taken over the entire TV market. All over the world, people are buying flat screen HDTVs to enjoy the best TV viewing experience.

This article covers some of the main advantages of using a wall bracket and is an overview of what’s available.

Flat tv wall bracket

Flat tv wall bracket

If you buy a flat screen LCD TV, then you should also buy a suitable flat TV wall bracket. LCD TVs are meant to be mounted on the wall with TV brackets. Without TV brackets, you will not be able to enjoy the best your TV has to offer. Moreover, your room will look more modern and artistic if you mount your TV on the wall.

There are various types of TV brackets available. In order to make your choice easy, you should determine the place where you will position your TV. On the basis of this position, you can select the perfect TV bracket.

One of the best places to mount your LCD TV is at eye level. If you have decided to place your LCD TV at eye level, then you should get a flat TV wall bracket. Mounting your LCD TV on this type of TV bracket will make your home look aesthetically pleasing. And, with the help of our adjustable TV brackets, hiding all your cables becomes fairly easy.

By placing your LCD TV at eye level and with the help of a flat TV wall bracket your TV will look just like a painting hung on the wall.

They are also great for maximising the space you have available in your room, as the traditional tv position of being placed on a table, or unit in the corner of your room takes up a reasonable amount of floor space. One mounted on the wall frees up this space.

Tilting TV Wall Mounts

Tilting tv wall mounts

Tilting Tv Wall Mounts

Here at Mountright our tilting tv wall brackets give you that extra functionality you may be looking for. We have a selection of products with varying degress of tilt and support. They are suitable for screens from 24″ in size to 37″ in size.

Some customers prefer to be able to tilt their tv screens to avoid reflections from windows, sunlight and indoor lights.

Our mounts, like most require you to have the standard VESA mounting holes. “VESA” is a standard used for TV brackets and wall mounting systems, adapted by most TV brands. Common VESA sizes are 200 x 200, 400 x 400 and 600 x 400 depending on the screen size of your TV.

The best way of ascertaining what mount you need is to measure the distance between the four holes in the back of your tv. You will then have the height and width measurements that you need.

How to Mount your TV to the Wall

This article about mounting your flatscreen tv to a wall at Wikihow, will cover most of the fundamentals you’ll need to know about how to successfully.

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