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Free UK Delivery on all Orders

Call 01244 544 466 for Sales & Advice

5 Year  Warranty on all Products


Here we can give product support, advice and solve any technical issues you may have.

In most cases you will need the product code or purchase order number for the item you have purchased. We answer all queries within 24 hours, 7 days a week. We will start with some question and answers which you may find useful and answer your question or solve your issue

I need some assistance or guidance with the product, who do I contact?
We are always happy to assist, you may contact us via phone number 01244 544466 (between 10 am-5 pm Monday to Friday), alternatively you may us the contact form for 24 /7 assistance via email.

I have missing instructions, what do I do now?
Go to User Manuals, find your product and download for free.

I have missing parts, what do I do now?
Please use the contact form and advise us of which parts are missing.

I have damaged parts, what do I do now?
Please use the contact form and advise us of damaged parts.

I just want to return the item, how do I arrange this?
Please use the contact form and advise us of the reason for return.

Do I pay for the return; is there any assistance with this?
Depending on the reason for return there may be a cost to you for the return, however we can assist with the collection and arrange a more affordable return. We do not offer a free return service at this time.

If your question is not answered then please use our contact form